Hi from the French Pyrenees

Geraniums Obligatory
Geraniums Obligatory

This is my new blog, I hope it will develop over the coming weeks into something somebody somewhere might want to read occasionally.

I am English but have lived in the South of France for the past 41/2 years so if anybody is in the same position – or wants to be! – let’s chat.  There are various aspects of life here that are challenging but also wonderful.  Probably the most challenging thing is moving here with children and all that involves, schools, health, language problems, etc.  My girls are 16 and 14 now so are going through the ‘secondary school’ level of education.

We also brought our animals out with us but have since, mysteriously, acquired more.  We have dogs, cats, chickens and, at one time, had an edible dormouse or ‘Loire’ but he is no more although we didn’t eat him! 

My husband works most of the time in the U.K. , returning most weekends, so that is another challenge which we had to face as a family but has now become the norm. 

I spend my time driving my girls to school, friends, etc., walking dogs, and creating lots of things.  I have a sort of compulsion which means I need to have some project on the go at all times.  I’ve tried most crafts but my favourite things are to do with fabric and I love making things for the home, for gifts, for friends.  I also like doing re-upholstery and often look out for old chairs that need some attention.

Assorted Dogs

Assorted Dogs

  1. #1 by anna barrow on August 6, 2009 - 10:16

    Lynn! Ooo you are so good starting a blog! Love the photos!!


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