European Quilting Bee

Somebody just asked if I would be interested in joining a virtual quilting bee.  I am intrigued.  I think it works like this.  There are 12  people, say,  and each person is allocated a month where they send fabric to each of the others, with instructions, and a block is made and returned so you end up with 12 blocks.   I think it would be fun but I’m  a  bit apprehensive for a few reasons. 

i) The postage is hideously expensive in France so the month that I am allocated to send out fabric would be scary.

ii) What if I don’t like somebody’s work when it is returned to me?

 and, most importantly! iii)  What if somebody doesn’t like my work?

Has anybody got any experience of these virtual bees?  Are they fun? Is it worth doing?  Please advise!!

My First Quilt


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