I Love Lemon Curd



The Stirring Stage

The Stirring Stage



I adore lemon curd but now that I have made it myself I couldn’t possibly eat any of the commercially made ones.  I know that my mixture looks incredibly bright yellow but I promise I haven’t enhanced the photos.  We have our own chickens and I’m sure that it makes all the difference when the eggs are so fresh.  Here, should you fancy making some yourself, is the tried and trusted recipe that I always use:-


Lemon Curd Recipe

4 large lemons (I try to buy organic or, if not, ones that haven’t been treated after picking)

6oz/175g butter (I always use unsalted)

llb/450g sugar (caster or granulated – I use whatever I happen to have most of at the time)

4 eggs (the freshest, biggest and from the happiest chickens you can possibly find)


Grate the lemon rinds finely, avoiding any pith.  Squeeze out the juice and strain it (don’t want any pips, yuk).   Melt the butter in a double saucepan or, as I do, in a bowl over hot water and add the lemon rind, juice and sugar.  When the sugar has dissolved, stir in the well beaten eggs.  Cook gently, stirring well until the mixture thickens (just thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon – it thickens as it cools and you don’t want to slice it!).  I find it takes about 15 minutes to get to the right consistency.  Pour into small hot jars and cover, or else cool and pour into small freezer containers. 


As you can see I only get 3 largish jars out of those ingredients which is fine but, if I was making it for gifts I would use smaller jars (mean, aren’t I?).   It freezes well or keeps for 3 months in a refrigerator.  However, our jars never last that long. 

I love to eat it on porridge or toast but you can use it in cakes or tarts or as a sauce for ice cream or puddings if you want to.


Jars of Sunshine

Jars of Sunshine

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    pretty healthy

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