Vaccination for Schoolchildren


My daughters have both started school again for the new term and we have been given leaflets and advice about good hygiene practice in order to try and prevent the spread of ‘swine flu’.  I have heard that if more than 3 children in a school are diagnosed with the virus, the whole school will close for 6 days. 

There are rumours about mass vaccination for schoolchildren but I think, at the moment, there are no plans for this in France, leaving parents the option to ask  for  their children to be vaccinated if they want it.

It made me wonder what I would do if there was a mass programme of vaccination at school.   I’m not sure whether I would want to opt out or not.    I have read that  some doctors feel it would be much better for people to contract the virus,  in its present mild form, and thus have a natural immunity if the virus should become worse.    If a programme was introduced and parents didn’t want to comply, would their children be excluded from  school?

Obviously, it is a good idea to try to prevent the virus spreading by emphasising the benefits of  good hygiene and also, perhaps, by boosting the immune system with things like zinc, echinacea and vitamins C & D as many people do during the ‘flu season’ every year.

What would you do?

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  1. #1 by anna barrow on September 26, 2009 - 12:56

    Oooo I do so understand you Lynn. I am ever so divided.
    I would not want it to spread, but I am terribly against vaccination, especially when it has not been tested properly 😮

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