Hanging About With Cats

I’m supposed to be getting the guest room ready, finishing the ironing and doing the housework because my mum arrives tonight for a week.  Not that I only do housework when I’m expecting guests, you understand, but there’s a bit more pressure on if you think somebody might be running their finger along the shelves to check for dust.  Normally, any such person would be very lucky and find quite a bit of dust as I’m not the world’s most avid housekeeper.  I prefer to be upstairs in my workroom where there is no dust because children, animals and husbands fresh in from working in the garden are banned.

I have a new obsession.  I have had a fabric cat hanging from a hook in my laundry room which I made years ago and thought I might make one for Halloween.  I gave him one of my pendants to wear – one with a skull on it to match the theme – and off I went in my busy, buzzing, fevered mind.  So, I’m sort of matching the cats with the pendants and coming up with a character and a little story.  I can think of so many, I want to make them all straight away but, of course, my mum’s coming so can’t keep disappearing into my ‘lady shed’.  I’ve instructed her to bring some knitting so she won’t be bored if I have a flight of creative fancy and I might even let her into my workroom with me while she knits. 


Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel (which is a reference to a quote from Frankenstein as I’m sure you realised) is too scary to be filled with lavender but I will use it in the heads of my other cats as they will then serve as natural room fresheners as well as looking decorative.
Miss Elizabeth Swann-Kitt Loves a Pirate

Miss Elizabeth Swann-Kitt Loves a Pirate

You can’t really make it out in the photo, but she’s wearing a pendant showing a cat in a pirate outfit – Captain Jack Sparroweater, as I imagine him to be called.


Sergeant Pepper - Give Peace A Chance

Sergeant Pepper - Give Peace A Chance


He’s a child of the 60s.


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