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I have never met Jodie as she lives in Australia but looking at her pictures and reading her blog make me wish she lived around the corner so that we could chat and some of her awesome talent might rub off on me.
Jodie makes some great items and I love her robots which, in a great series of photos on her blog, she has dancing to the Bee Gees’ ‘Staying Alive’ – and you thought it couldn’t be done!
Jodie's Robot Dancers

Jodie's Robot Dancers

There are times when I am inspired by other crafters and there are other times when I am just completely overawed. 
Jodie is a totally amazing craftswoman who has a thing about collecting selvedges left over from other projects but, unlike the rest of us ordinary mortals who might use them as trimmings or knock up a little purse she turns them into totally awesome items such as this dress and I have also seen a beautiful parasol and even a covered chair that she has made.
Jodie's Amazing Dress Made with Selvedges

Jodie's Amazing Dress Made with Selvedges


Recognising that the rest of us need some help, Jodie generously puts some fantastic tutorials on her blog which are easy to follow and produce some great results.  I am going to try her one hour bag and also her little fabric buckets but I think I’ll leave the selvedges to her!

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