Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

For The Sock Drawer!

For The Sock Drawer!


Why is it so difficult to buy gifts for men?  They eat, they drink, they wear clothes, they read, they listen to music  just like women but, when it comes to buying them a gift it seems almost impossible. 

My dad, for instance.  He doesn’t drink alcohol or like any food of the sort usually given as gifts, he doesn’t play or watch sport, he doesn’t care about clothes as long as they fit him and keep him warm, he doesn’t read books any more and I must have plundered the back catalogues of Nat King Cole, Perry Como and  Matt Monro until there is no more.  It’s no use asking advice from my Mum because she never knows what to buy him either.

My husband is easier but expensive.  If he wants a book or a CD or socks or a T shirt, he will go and buy it himself  so, when I buy him anything, it usually has to be a big present.  Last year I bought him a painting for our anniversary, a new cordless drill for Christmas, some framed prints of our dogs for his birthday all of which were quite pricey.  It’s not that I don’t want to spend the money on him but sometimes it would be nice to get a little gift just for no particular reason or, with the holidays coming up, as a stocking filler.

With this in mind I thought I could adapt some of my hand-made items so that they would appeal to men.  I have already made a fairly man-friendly etui box and I have made some lavender bags with the same sort of theme and now I’ve made a couple of bookmarks.

Bookmark for the Boys

Bookmark for the Boys

I’m trying to think of something else, other than lavender, to put inside the scented bags  – something a  bit more masculine like cedar which would also serve the purpose of scenting and repelling moths and other crawly things.
Etui Box

Etui Box

How does everybody else deal with the problem?  Is it only me that has this difficulty? 

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  1. #1 by anna barrow on October 1, 2009 - 09:41

    *nod nod* Absolutely. The boys are often forgotten. Although the husband is easily pleased. Just love the bookmark, great idea Lynn! x

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