Chickens – Killers or Carers?

The other day my mother told me about a story she had heard on the news where a fox had got into a chicken house and, unable to get back out, the chickens killed him.  Although I would hate it if a fox took any of my chickens, I must admit I did feel a bit sorry for the fox.  What a way to go!  Also, I wasn’t entirely surprised as I have seen how vicious chickens can be.  When we still lived in England, our chickens there had somehow found a little fledgeling bird and one of them was running around with it in her beak while the others chased her for their share.  I had never realised, until then, how carniverous they were.  Anyway, we somehow managed to rescue the little fledging and, assuming it had fallen down from one of the many nests under the eaves, we put it inside our old pet rats’ cage, with the lid open, and the mother flew down every day to feed it.  In the end, it managed to fly off.

On the other hand, when we had a broody hen, a neighbour gave us some fertile eggs and we put them under the hen.  Two of them hatched and the four adult hens fussed over those chicks all day long.  Whenever they found a tasty morsel in the garden (hopefully not baby birds), they would call to the chicks to come and eat first.  Then I read about a broody hen who. taking advantage of the family dog going outside and leaving her puppies for a moment, decided to get in with them to keep them warm.

Mabel with the puppies


Who said chickens don’t have personalities?

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  1. #1 by anna on March 16, 2010 - 10:22

    I remember when I was younger, and spent most of my childhood at the stables, that the big horses were not a problem… but the chickens. Man, the chickens. I have a whole collection of memories where I am running away from the chicken attacks… (and I am not even going to mention the little goats :/)

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