A Close Shave

I often count the number of cars coming towards me where the driver is on his or her mobile phone.  Sometimes, this being France, it appears that the driver is  on the phone and smoking a cigarette at the same time.  No wonder they never indicate on roundabouts.  I vaguely remember, some years ago, a woman being done for dangerous driving because she was eating a Crunchie whilst stopped at traffic lights.  I suppose anything that distracts you from the road is bad.

Various Distractions


However, knowing what a delicate operation it is at the best of times, I was interested to read  that a woman in Florida was arrested after crashing her car as she shaved her bikini line.  I wonder if she was on the phone at the same time.  Or eating a Crunchie.

In her defence, she was apparently on her way to visit her boyfriend and she wanted to be ‘ready’.

  1. #1 by jodie on March 17, 2010 - 02:44

    Thats insane – although I did see a woman reading while she was driving recently – a novel propped in the middle of the steering wheel

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