Ancient Sewing Machine

I ‘ve been meaning to nab one of these ever since I moved to France.  They were everywhere like a rash when we were first here but, lately, they seem a bit more few and far between – probably all been bought up by the Brits!  Anyway, on one my recent vintage foraging expeditions, I found this one and bought it. 

Ancient Singer


This is just as I bought it home – dumped in the entrance hall and covered in dust and cobwebs and a bit wormy.  I have asked my husband to lug it upstairs – it weighs an absolute ton – and give it a bit of love and attention and elbow grease.  Three days later it is still in the hall but I have hope.

It does work and it has a cover so, once it’s all cleaned up, I’ll get it up into my workroom and have a play.  I don’t intend to make curtains on it or anything but it might come in handy for certain little jobs. 

My daughter thinks it’s hilarious.  She asked me what I wanted with another sewing machine but I pointed out that, if there was a power cut, I could still sew.  I was only joking though – sort of.

Complete with Cover


  1. #1 by anna on March 30, 2010 - 09:47

    Aren’t they great! I remember we had one in our home growing up, exactly the same. And right next to it an ancient spinning wheel. Ah memories X

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