3D Wonderland

Yesterday, I went to Toulouse – a three hour round trip – to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D and, as a bonus, in English! As it is a multi-screen cinema, they were showing the orignal version and the French version (i.e. dubbed) at the same time but on different screens so one of my daughters went in to the dubbed version, as she had her French friend with her, and my other daughter and myself chickened out and went in to the English version.   Bizarrely, I felt  drawn to the French subtitles not only because they were in 3D so stood out more but because I was interested to see how they had translated some of the script.

The Red Queen

I know 3D films have been around for a while now but, living in the back of beyond as I do, they haven’t found their way into the cinema nearby yet.  So, this was my first real experience of modern 3D technology and I must admit, I was blown away.  Before the film started, there was an advertisement for Haribo sweets and I literally had to sit on my hands to stop myself reaching out for a marshmallow which was hovering, tantalisingly, just in front of my nose. 

As far as the film itself  went, I think if I had seen it in a non-3D version, I would have been less impressed.  I didn’t feel it did anything particularly innovative with the story and it lapsed into sentimentality towards the end, which I could have done without, but I forgive all this for the amazing costumes and scenery.  I was enchanted with butterflies whizzing about my ears and the Cheshire Cat disappearing in a puff of smoke right beside me. I want to go and see everything in 3D now although I suppose the novelty will wear off and I’ll start demanding a good plot again!

However, for now, I’ll be grateful that I could feel a sense of enchantment and wonder in a cinema again, something that probably last happened when I was a child and went to see Mary Poppins!

And those costumes…………..

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