Comfy Slippers Competition

The Comfiest Slippers?

What is it about men and boys (a lot of them anyway) that they can grow insanely attached to a piece of clothing or pair of shoes and won’t part with them.  In my house, these slippers have long been a bone of contention.  The left slipper was chewed like this by our silly French dog  when he was a puppy and the slippers were new.  For the past three Christmasses, various female relatives have bought Mr. Tialys new slippers but, no, they’re either too small, the wrong style, the wrong colour or just not these slippers.

Today, as I waved him goodbye as he left for work inthe U.K. for a few days, I suddenly realised that the bin men come tomorrow.  Why did it not occur to me before?  However, I felt I owed it to him, and them, to record the end of this slipper life for posterity. 

The competition? For which there is no prize – *why should we bother, then?* I hear you cry – is to show me a worse article of apparel that is still loved and won’t be parted with by the man or boy in your life. (please spare us any underwear!!!).  I’m not sure if you can upload photos on to my blog but, if not, just send a link so we can all share in your plight.  I’m off to tie the neck of that bin bag up tight.


  1. #1 by anna on April 26, 2010 - 14:46

    Haha! Fabulous! I need to think about this one, as I have recently had a mad clear out, and binned things I probably shouldn’t have, for the exact reason you described….

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