Is It Summer Yet?

I feel like I’ve just woken from hibernation and gone staggering outside, blinking in the sunlight, marvelling at the things that have appeared since I went to sleep last November.  Yes, it’s warming up, the sun is out and  I actually want to go out in the garden again.  Don’t get me wrong, I have to go out in the garden every day in order to trek up the side of the small mountain with the dogs but, before today, with a couple of exceptions, I’ve gone out and immediately wanted to come back in again and throw some logs on the fire. 

Happily, as we are now completely out of logs, having used around double what we usually get through, that may no longer be necessary.  I think summer may well be here.  Well, it is getting on for the end of May and we are in the South of France so it is about time.  What happened with the weather this year?  We had snow at the beginning of May!  Is it the volcanic ash cloud messing with the climate as well as with the flight schedules?

Anyway, I was out there watering the tubs of geraniums which would normally be adorning our balcony by now but which are being pampered inside the greenhouse in case of another cold snap, when I spotted an old wheelbarrow which was picturesquely rusting behind the compost heap.  I hauled it out and am going to plant it up with stuff over the weekend.  I think it is sufficiently rusty and knackered looking  not to look twee. 

Picturesque Rust?

Anyway, that’s my plan.  There is a big flower market in a local village over the weekend  so I should have a lot of choice.  However, in reality, and based on past performance, I won’t actually get round to it and Mr. Tialys will eventually, and with many meaningful sighs, put it back behind the compost heap where it will be ready for me to discover  anew next year. 

The chickens are enjoying the sudden warmth.  Darth  has accompanied his harem on a promenade through the grass, obviously deeply grateful that he isn’t buried up to his chest in cold white stuff any more.  The dogs are wanting to be outside all the time, the cats roll about and play fight and, if I had lambs, I expect they would be frolicking in a cute and photogenic manner. 

Darth and Wife No. 1

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  1. #1 by anna on May 21, 2010 - 09:11

    Finally. Finally some real consistent sun. We are also going to the markets. Browsing and enjoying the much improved weather x

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