It’s Mothers’ Day in France


Mothers' Day

My Mothers' Day Breakfast

Today, 30th May,  is Mothers’ Day in France.  It’s quite a lot later than in the U.K.    When we first moved here I had the English and French Mothers’ Days but now, as we have lived here for 5 years,(and I might get a reputation for being greedy)  I just have the French one.  My girls get a bit confused as, because we get English T.V., they see all the ads for Mothers’ Day in the U.K. and then sort of forget about it by the time it comes round in France.

Anyway, despite the fact that they had bought the card back in March, they remembered not to give it to me until today and, because my youngest had dropped a big hint that they had not forgotten, I had to stay in bed until they bought me up my card, pressie and cup of tea.  My girls not being early risers, I had to lay awake for an hour until they got out of bed! 

I love my card.  It is especially relevant as Mr. Tialys is 6’4″ tall and the tallest of the rest of us is 5’5″ (and that’s not me!).

Mothers Day

So True!


Bless ’em. 


For those of you that know us – I know, I know, this photo is around 3 years out of date but I haven’t got any (decent) recent ones as they barely stagger into the light these days  *must take more ‘sister’ photos*.

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  1. #1 by ann on May 30, 2010 - 21:41

    What a great card! And that tray is totally yummy too 🙂

    • #2 by tialys on May 30, 2010 - 21:52

      Yes, bless em. Megan told me the whole story about how she went into the only decent shop nearby and looked at practically every item in there trying to decide what to buy for me. I think she did pretty well with the little tray – just the sort of thing I would have chosen for myself.

      Things went downhill from then on, however, and I ended up cooking my own dinner tonight which I don’t think should have happened. Did you get pampered?

      • #3 by ann on May 30, 2010 - 22:40

        Alex came home for the weekend laden with vintage goodies, and Sam bought me a really good set of pliers! Then had sushi in Lorient when I took Alex back, so pretty good Mother’s Day for me ….

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