A Distressing Weekend

Before you start to worry about me – I mean distressing with paint.  Well, I was a bit distressed that the dancing dog didn’t win ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ but I’ll survive.

I’ve got a set of 4 dining room chairs which I had previously reupholstered but they are so delicate that if anybody suddenly throws their head back and does a big belly laugh, the chair surrenders.  This most often happens when I am serving something up at the dining room table that hasn’t quite turned out like the photograph in the recipe book  not, as I would prefer you to believe, that my conversation is so uproariously funny that my dinner guests are wrecking dining room chairs on an almost daily basis.  No, out with the delicate, in with a nice sturdy, rush seated chair.  I usually like to nurture the wood that a chair is made from but, in this case, the wood wasn’t particularly attractive so I decided to try out my distressing skills.  It didn’t turn out badly but, unfortunately, the chair now looks too distressed to go in a formal(ish) dining room.    So now I have yet another chair that I have bought, altered, fiddled about with, that doesn’t quite go in any of my rooms but I have to find a place for somewhere.  Ho hum.

On safer ground, I thought I’d combine my current obsessions for paint effects and letters (see my letterpress woodblocks) to good effect and distress an ampersand.  And why not?

Distressed Ampersand

 What do you think?  I used gold paint for the undercoat which actually might have been a bit of a waste of expensive  paint as I’m not sure you can really tell it’s gold but, hey, I’m experimenting.  Must paint those shutters – they’re not even supposed to be distressed.

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  1. #1 by ann on June 7, 2010 - 22:43

    Don’t put titles like that, I got really worried 😦
    The ampersand is great, I love crackle glaze. No piece of furniture in my house has managed to avoid being distressed at my hands over the years!

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