Ugly But Cute

I’ve never been one for dolls.  I had a Sindy  but I don’t think I ever liked baby dolls much and the porcelain ones give me the creeps.  In fact, the more lifelike they are, the more scary I find them.  Hooray then for monster dolls.  With faces only a mother could love, they aren’t scary because they don’t look like real people.  Although, thinking about it……….

I think I’ve already shown you Sylvain, my Junker Jane voodoo doll, now I’ve got Brittnay, a seriously distressed creation from Jennifoofoo.  I ‘ ve crackle glazed  a picture frame, as I’m on a ‘paint effects’ mission at the moment and, whilst I’m waiting for the lovely print to arrive that I’ve ordered to go in it, I’ve posed the monsters inside.

What a Picture


All that remains  is to hide them before Mr. Tialys comes home and confiscates my cheque book.

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  1. #1 by anna on June 9, 2010 - 15:47

    Hahaha… I just had this whole visual of Mr. Tialys face when he is confronted with the dolls 🙂 (( okay so Mr. Lilla Lotta ) is totally the same)) I however love them, and I think the photo is superb with your crackly frame.

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