‘M’ for Merci!

I don’t know whether anybody remembers but I decided to make a patchwork quilt for my daughter’s 18th birthday (memory jogger)  How horrified I was when looking for the post and realised I started it last July! And how I laughed wryly when I read my own words and had written something like ‘oh, it’s a year away, no worries’.  Well, it is no longer a year away, it is 4 months away.  Not only have I only done about a third of the top but they’ve discontinued the fabric and I am having one hell of a job trying to find somebody with old stock.  EEK!!

I decided that there are too many distractions at home so, when I go to the ‘atelier’ (sewing group) on Saturday afternoons, I have started to lug my sewing machine with me so that I can get a few blocks sewn while I’m there.  Of course everybody has to yell at  me above the whirr of my Janome and, as the main reason to join the group was to improve my French converstion skills, I’m kind of defeating the object.  However, I can now report that shouting loudly at foreigners doesn’t make them understand you any more easily. 

In an effort to encourage me (presumably) one of my lovely new friends, Marie-Jo,  asked me what my daughter’s name was and produced this beautiful monogram for me to incorporate into the quilt.  What a lovely gesture.  She must know I can’t bear doing cross stitch – far too fiddly for me and a sure way to see me institutionalised.  How lovely is this?  Merci Marie-Jo, bisous x x (she may read this post, well, that bit anyway as she doesn’t speak any English)

'M' for Megan

I wouldn’t mind but, as soon as I’ve finished this one, I’ll have to start another as there are only 18 months between my two daughters and now I know that’s probably how long I’ll have to allow to make her one.  Must remember to get fabric that’s not about to be discontinued too.


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  1. #1 by UniqueNique on April 12, 2011 - 22:26

    What a wonderful gesture and a lovely piece to incorporate in a quilt made with love. Good luck on finishing everything on time.

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