Mad Men and Mad Hatter

Following on from my ‘Road Trip’ post, I can now reveal the costumes we wore to the fancy dress party.


You might have guessed, from the mini top hat fascinator I made, that one of the costumes might be a bit Alice in Wonderland related.   No. 1 daughter went as a sort of ‘melange’ of mad tea party characters and I went as a 1950s woman (but an American one as the dresses were posher in the U.S. in the 50s and I didn’t want to have to draw seams up the back of my legs with eyebrow pencil  as the Brits had to do – or was that in the 40s?).  I meant to get a big net underskirt because the one underneath the authentic 1950s dress I bought on Etsy wasn’t quite squooshy enough but, in the end, I had left it too late so I was a bit more ‘deflated’ than I would have liked.


Thank you to the following:

Ann-Laure of Laroque d’Olmes for the loan of genuine vintage pearls

Maureen of Villefort for the loan of vintage white gloves (ex uniform issue from British Caledonian Airways)

Etsy for a great selection of vintage dresses

Ebay for retro sunglasses

Google Maps for getting me from the South of France to the North of France without too much trouble

but, most of all,  Ann (now a ‘real’ friend not just a ‘virtual’ friend) aka Mentalembellisher for having a great party.

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  1. #1 by mentalembellisher on August 5, 2011 - 09:53

    ((((((Lynn)))))) Can’t wait to see you again xxxxxx

  2. #2 by UniqueNique on August 5, 2011 - 14:05

    Love the dress and so glad you followed up with the successful end to your road trip. Wonderful that you have made a virtual friend a real friend too. One day I would love to make a round the world trip and meet all my virtual friends for real.

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