White Wax

Not a new beauty treatment – although I suppose such a thing could exist – but something I’ve just done to a piece of furniture, as you do.

I picked up a really solid little side table in the one and only local charity shop because I liked its solidity and carving but it was covered in a heavy, dark stain and I had visions of painting it and distressing it.  Mr. Tialys was conscripted, along with his sanding tool, and got all the gunk off and, when it was back to the wood, it looked really pale and interesting so I thought I might try the method of ‘whitening’ which seems very popular in all the French lifestyle magazines.

So I bought a product called Ciré Effect Blanchi (which basically means white wax effect) and got to work.   Unfortunately, I didn’t get chance to take any ‘before’ photos as, once Mr. T gets it in his mind to do something it tends to be instantaneous and I don’t like to call a halt lest the impetus is lost!  Anyway, what do you think?

Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing else in my house in this sort of style so I am eyeing up lots of other pieces in the house with a view to giving them a bit of white waxing and it might even lead to me redesigning and redecorating one of the rooms completely.  Funny, Mr. T has suddenly disappeared … I wonder why?

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  1. #1 by UniqueNique on October 2, 2011 - 06:37

    I think it turned out wonderfully well and I think Mr T is in the same place my DH disappears everytime I eye something and go mmmm I wonder …

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