Don’t Try This At Home – 101 Uses for a Stanley Knife No.1

Sometimes you read things in the press that you can’t believe can possibly be true but the publication I read every week that does a round up of the news (The Week) included this report about a man who tried to carry out his own sex change operation with a Stanley knife.

Apparently, Andy (now Kirsty) had a few beers, looked down and thought ‘that shouldn’t be there’ so retrieved his trusty knife from the toolbox and started hacking away at the offending article.  Andy, or Kirsty, depending on how far the operation had proceeded at that point, then decided that the pain was ‘unbelievable’ and, after a couple of minutes of cutting, ‘realised the danger’.

What a tool  – and I don’t mean the Stanley knife.

Is it me?  Perhaps brain surgery might have been a better option.

Have a great weekend and leave the D.I.Y. to the professionals.

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