Whilst Waiting for Good Light

I’m feeling a bit ‘laissez faire’ about my blog at the moment but it will pass I’m sure.  It doesn’t help that, now that the clocks have gone back, the light for photography is a bit pants for most of the day so I haven’t been able to take photos of certain things that I would usually have blogged about.

I have been busy though, making things for the festive season so I’ll show you some of those, even though I had to take those in bad light too! 

I’ve got a thing at the moment about using linens, fabrics and trims which I have come across whilst stocking up my vintage shop.  I like making new things out of old things – or ‘upcycling’ as I think the proper term is – and  some of these old linens deserve another life instead of being put in the bin.


Lavender filled berlingots (or humbugs) made from vintage & antique French linens.

A Patchwork of vintage and antique French linens in 6 inch hoop

A piece of vintage lace, ‘hooped up’ and decoupaged with words from antique French dictionary.

and something I made as a result of my ‘almost a coach trip’ visit to the craft exhibition in Toulouse,

I know I said no more hobbies but this felt creation is just a one-off


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