What Next?

I’m feeling a little ‘directionless’ at the moment.  Is that even a word?  Anyway, I feel as if I’m sort of doing stuff in no particular order and not prioritising tasks properly and, although this is not a new thing for me, it’s sort of started to hit me how much more efficient I could be if I would only get a grip on some sort of time management.  I obviously don’t take after my father who is so committed to routine that, not only could I tell you what he will be doing at any given time of the day but I know what he will be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   This really only started in earnest for him once he retired and the ‘counsellors’ told him to make a routine and stick to it.  Well, he has taken this to the nth degree and, 17 years later, you could, literally, set your watch by what he is doing.  Pavlov’s dogs had nothing on my dad’s dog who is ready for his walk at exactly the same time every day and gets quite stressed if it doesn’t happen.  Unlike my poor dogs who are subject to the meanderings of my mental and physical vagaries and have given up having anything at any set time.  Still, it makes for a bit more excitement!

Anyway, you will be pleased to know that after 5 days of deprivation, I now have my taste buds back in full working order and am making the most of it.  The clotted cream, specially driven down from the U.K., was defrosted and slathered over home made scones which, with the addition of some strawberry jam, was absolutely heavenly.  Not to take away from Madamoiselle Tialys the younger’s achievement in making the scones but they are so easy and quick to make I am never going to buy shop ones again as they tend to be a bit dry.  Not that they sell scones here but, you know what I mean.

I know I haven’t said much about my trip to the U.K. but it was mostly about shopping, eating stuff I can’t get here, seeing friends and family and shopping again.  Unfortunately, my pocket sized camera had been mislaid by my daughter so I could not record any of these meetings or shoppings as my big girl’s camera would have taken all my cabin bag allowance  so I left it at home.  However, above is one of the things I knocked up using some scrummy fabric I bought whilst there.   What is about beach huts?  They are so cute.      

Then, today, instead of doing something more useful, I decided to make another of my coffee sack owls as the last one in my shop had gone off to Russia and I always like to have one on the go.  I spotted a very light coloured sack in the cupboard and thought I’d use that one.  Big mistake!  The weave is very close and the whole thing very stiff so trying to turn the owl right side out after sewing was so difficult I nearly gave it up as a bad job.  Also, I couldn’t even think about putting a box seam in the bottom but I perservered and she turned out quite well but I will stick with the more ‘floppy’ sacks in future so this one really is ‘one of a kind’!

 Speaking of routine – I have got one I stick to on a Sunday, which is watching ‘Dancing on Ice’ so I’m off.                                                

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  1. #1 by Carole Mayne on March 12, 2012 - 00:40

    But where’s the photo of the clotted cream?? lol! …mmm I can remember back to Devon in 1973 like it was yesterday!!

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