Altruistic Knitting and A New Project

I wrote a post on here just before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, on a fun book entitled ‘Knit Your Own Royal Wedding’ which, incidentally, I bought for £1 after all the hooha had died down as my own eccentric souvenir of the event.

Now, I can knit – quite well actually – but I seldom bother because after years of knitting everything from scarves to dresses, I realise that I don’t really like knitted items much so don’t wear them.  All that expensive yarn, puzzling over complicated patterns and buying trendy bamboo needles in every size and I find that, as with lots of things in life,  the journey is more fun than the getting there.

Perhaps it is for this same reason that the phantom knitter of North Yorkshire, known as the ‘Saltburn Yarnbomber’ has been knitting away like mad and then leaving the results of her (or his) labours in carefully chosen spots around the town at night.   This knitter (or knitters) with a big sense of fun has left a set of knitted books outside the library, some woollen buns by the cake shop and teddy bears with miniature knitted sandwiches on a local picnic table.

 Now, in a spectacular tour de force, the knitter has wound a 50 yard ‘scarf’ around the pier.  The scarf has been adorned with figures to represent the 2012 London Olympics and includes skiers, rowers, runners.  I particularly like these little synchronised swimmers.

Maybe next time I get the urge to wield a pair of knitting needles, I will do a bit of this ‘altruistic’ knitting and leave little knitted items around the rural French town near where I live.  Somehow, I don’t think my efforts would be appreciated as this sort of thing seems so ‘British’ – it’s probably no coincidence it happened in a seaside town where people will actually wander along a pier in the midst of winter and sit in deckchairs in coats and scarves overlooking the sea. 

This afternoon I’m off to my friend’s house where we are going to start a new project.  A more ambitious and practical one this time.  It is a sewing machine cover which I have lusted after for a while and, because I am making it as part of a communal project, it will force me to sit down and do it.   This pattern is from a great book called ‘Born to Quilt’ by Véronique Requena.  Gorgeous isn’t it?  It’s a bit tricky but I’ll let you know how we get on.


Talking of projects – don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Scott which ends on Sunday 25th March. 

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  1. #1 by wendy on March 23, 2012 - 10:49

    That Olympic knitting thing absolutely brilliant! If ever I had enough time on my hands to knit, I am 100% positive that knitting something like that, just to go and wind it around a railing, would feature somewhere like..oh..I guess about the bottom of the back side of my To-Do list – if it actually even made it on.

    I can knit too but like you, have chosen not to make it a big hobby. I am not that fond of hand-knitted clothing either.

    Oh blimey, don’t want to offend any knitters out there….. I really admire people who knit their own clothes and I think they look lovely, but it’s not my personal choice to wear.

    What I do like, are little knitted stuffed toys, such as bunnies. Like Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits ( makes. LOVE those so much. It even inspired me to make myself a rabbit a few years ago. In fact, he is going to feature in a blog post soon – funny I was thinking about it this morning in bed, in those lazy moments before you get up. (I hope I am not alone in thinking about blogging when I am in bed.)

    Also admire that sewing machine cover. Hugely inspirational. I’d love to make covers for my machines (I have the hard travel covers but they are so ugly, n’est ce pas?) and have it on my project list – but nothing as ambitious as yours up there. Look forward to seeing the end result. Good luck!

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