I Want to Dress Like a Flower

In the garden this morning and, in between letting out the chickens, shovelling up the dogs’ business (lovely) and making sure there were no toads or lizards drowning in the pool skimmer, I took time to appreciate this lovely bloom and it really, really made me fancy having something to wear in these colours.

Bizarre really but there you go.

I’ve just heard that my French lesson is cancelled this afternoon.  I say’ lesson’ but I go along to my French friend’s house, I mangle the language for 40 minutes or so as I tell her about what I’ve been up to and, with a slightly strained expression on her face, she makes what she can of it.  Then we speak in English for a while as she wants to practice her accent which is as appalling as my French one.   What to do instead?  I could go shopping and replenish the fridge so that the girls have something to devour when they come in from school like teenagers with more diligent mothers can do.  I could finish my project for the sewing group.  I could do some housework – but, I jest of course.  I could do some more of  the quilt I started making for my daughter over a year ago.  I could do some ironing  – another jest.

Speaking of lessons – which I sort of was – my daughter is taking driving lessons here in France.  I can’t help feeling I’m throwing my money down the drain.  Last week, the driving instructor told her that she reminded her of some woman driver who had carried out a parking manoeuvre so badly, somebody had filmed her and put it on YouTube.  If that were all, it wouldn’t be so bad but, the week before, the instructor took anti-stress pills during the lesson.  I know when I first learnt to drive, I found it quite difficult and failed my test, then I went back to live in London for a while where it’s not really worth having a car in my opinion.  A couple of years later, I resumed driving lessons and it came to me much more easily and I passed first time (well, if you don’t count the first first time).  In any case, as I keep telling Madamoiselle T., some of the most stupid people you could ever hope to meet manage to drive a car and a lot of it is down to having confidence which, unless I’m mistaken, the instructor she’s got at the moment isn’t doing much to instil.

This ‘so true’ card (well, of me anyway) is from Goodgosh on Etsy who makes very funny and sometimes slightly ‘rude’ cards.

Off to find an outfit in purple and gold!

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  1. #1 by Handmade in Israel on May 16, 2012 - 08:39

    Love that flower.
    I would definitely switch driving instructors. Jokes aside, he should be instilling her with confidence! I switched, after being greatly discouraged by my first instructor all those years ago, and managed fine after that!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  2. #2 by Houdini on May 18, 2012 - 23:20

    That is SO true! I am continually surprised EACH day on the way to work how some people even passed their tests in the first place! Maybe they haven’t!!!!!

    Having said that, there is no excuse for someone who’s learning, and paying for the privilege at that, to be experiencing negative instructors. Is there anyone else locally that you could also try?

    LOVE that card! 😉 x

    (Thanks for your lovely and humorous comments on my nestlings postings)

  3. #3 by Carole Mayne on June 5, 2012 - 05:30

    HI– I wanted to let you know I used your exquisite iris photo for a painting demo yesterday, here in California. I should have asked your permission first, and I am very sorry for not doing that. You can see the class demo on my website..I called it ”Dutch Masterpieces”, and mentioned you and gave your blog address. I really appreciate how much culture you have brought me through your writings and photos. Big hugs over the airwaves, Carole (ps. I’m off to Italy for a few weeks.. Ciao!) ps. Love that car card! (-:

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