Things That Have Caught My Eye in July

I was going to say ‘tickled my fancy’ but I thought it might get me a certain type of reader and, anyway, the other title rhymes.

Anyway, this week I have been doing lots of virtual window shopping and also quite a bit of plundering of my Paypal account.  Here are some of the things that have caught my eye and, in some cases my cash, recently.

Love this novel way of recycling an old T.V.  from Lucky Lenore Vintage

For those of us driven mad by the sound of their dog’s metal tag clinking against the food bowl, how about this ‘quiet dog tag’  from Make Your Dog Smile ?

Never know what to get for male friends as gifts but I think these gun shaped soaps from AubreyEApothecary would be great for playing with in the bath.  I know her soaps are lovely as I bought some French Macarons shaped ones from her and they smell divine and are far better than the real thing which, in my opinion, are nasty, bright, overly sweet , sticky, sickly things.

 Whilst perusing my La Redoute catalogue (home furnishings version) this week, I spotted a cute lamp in the shape of a Scottish Terrier which I lusted after but, true to form, I did some research (aka trying to find it cheaper) and came across the Onion Bull Terrier lamp.   I have always wanted an English Bull Terrier – they remind me of  little piglets but, as I only ever get my dogs from rescue centres or find them wandering on the street, I am unlikely ever to have a real one (or piglet for that matter) so I ditched the cottie in favour of the bull terrier even though it actually turned out much more expensive as the scottie in the catalogue had 20% off and free postage .  Sometimes my research costs me money.  Anyway, I am looking forward to introducing this non-shedding, non-eating, non pooping, clean dog to my others who are all of those things and more.

Mind you, it could have been worse as, when I was in Brighton earlier this year I saw Abigail Ahern’s beautiful lamps in a shop window and was sorely tempted.  However as I am more of a bull terrier than a poodle girl I resisted for the moment but never say never.

Instead of spending money, I sometimes attempt to make some so that I can spend it again.  There’s always one of my ventures that takes precedence over the others and I keep forgetting about my vintage jewellery and cake display stands and they are sadly neglected.  I have tried to bring them into the fold a little more by moving some of my antique and vintage china over into Tour de Force because I don’t have to make it before I can list it and because it brings more people in.  So, instead of just these,

I can have these

or this

 Now, after that shameless piece of self publicity – although please note the selfless, altruistic promotion of others’  items in the beginning! – I am off to walk the dogs in the damp drizzle that is passing for the South of France’s weather at the moment.

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  1. #1 by Janet on July 11, 2012 - 19:57

    I could make a fortune on the cat bed made out of an old telly idea now that the only telly to be seen with is the flat screen. All the old ones live in the garden room along with long lost Primark quilts. I am thinking about doing a post titled Good Stuff I Have Got In Primark but it would be short because I can only think of three things. And I’ve been thinking about this on and off all day.
    Like your bull terrier lamp but I think that even without seeing it I probably would have gone for the Scottie dog one. It would have been a good twin for Manny without the barking and poo. I did think about getting a proper black Scottie because I thought one black one and one white one would look great but the old man sensibly said that having two dogs that looked good together when you took them out for a walk wasn’t the best reason to get another one. We don’t seem to have that many dogs wandering around in the streets in Essex so I’ll probably stick to the one.
    I nearly choked on my ham roll when I read what you said about macarons. (Is it one o or two os, I’m trying to pretend I’m French here.) Biggest disappointment ever, they look better than they taste in my opinion. Last November the old man and I went to Lille for the day to the Christmas market (naff, don’t go, a load of tat and German sausage) and I decided that I wasn’t going to buy some of the delicious looking pastries in the shops but I would be all flash and go home with a lovely box of mixed macarons (still doesn’t feel right with one o) and bugger the expense. I enjoyed picking them out, enjoyed paying for them a little less, quite enjoyed larging it on the Eurostar with my little bag (and a Longchamp one but that’s another story and not a 500 euro one just one of those foldy up ones that I have used every single day since) but when it came to eating them I thought they were a bit meh and some of them were even verging on horrible. I ended up eating all of them because unless it’s a jam doughnut or a Belgian Bun my lot aren’t interested. So however extravagant and wanton it made me feel spending that amount of money on cakes I won’t be doing it again.
    Fake hydrangeas- yes, they are all fake. Four of them come from a shop in Leigh on Sea, but when I asked the woman a couple of weeks ago she said she could no longer get them. I had four and wanted five, so I splashed out in St John’s Wood. I think they are a different make, the SJW one is Sia, you may be able to get them online, and the colours were a bit different so I got green and it seems to fit in ok.
    And Kate Atkinson! Yes I have read Behind The Scenes At The Museum and all her other books except one, I think it was Emotionally Weird. I loved Behind the scenes and I might take it on holiday to read again. I fancy Jackson Brody from her other books and might even actually love him a little bit and I don’t even like detective stories.
    Just to let you know that I am typing this and lounging on the armchair while Little Me, the 15 year old is cooking dinner. Spag Bol. Only a jar but still. I’ve left it too late to train the other one up to wait on me but I’m making up for it with this one.
    Loving that little jug in your picture.

  2. #2 by Janet on July 11, 2012 - 19:59

    Oh yes, (my comment isn’t quite long enough is it?) I have started a quilt. Sewing one. By hand. With those little papers. I will do pictures soon and everyone can laugh.

  3. #3 by tolmema on July 11, 2012 - 21:29

    Hey, 406 – that’s my state (Montana) 🙂 The person who makes these must be from around here somewhere. How cool is that?

  4. #4 by Aubrey E. on July 12, 2012 - 15:23

    Lynn, what an awesome blog! I linked my fans to it on my soap facebook page. I guess I might be the odd girl out, as I LOVE french macarons! When I first started making the soap version, I’d never had a real one before. A lovely french woman at a market I was selling at taught me how to say “macaron” properly and referred me to the most delicious french macarons in Cambridge, MA. Will never forget her! lol

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