Why Do I Knit?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother knitting anything.

Crofter DK Sailor Collar Jacket

 I enjoy the actual process but I very rarely end up wearing anything I knit outside of the house.

Sailor Collar Jacket (1)

 For example, I’ve just finished this jacket.  I love the effect of the yarn and the colours.  I quite like the front view.  But I know for a fact I won’t be walking outside of my front door sporting that sailor collar.  Not that I don’t think it’s quite a good design feature.  Not that I haven’t seen photos of other people’s sailor collars and quite liked them.  It’s just not me.

Crofter DK Sailor Collar JacketSo, as with most of my hand knitted garments – I’ll probably just wear it around the house.  The dogs won’t judge my choice of pattern.  This, I say, just as I’m about to cast on for my knitted cardigan as part of the Outfit Along which starts today.  Oh well – it stops me from falling asleep in front of a film in the evenings.

petitecolequilt (2)

 Not part of the Outfit Along, obviously, but I will have some time to fit in another project or two and I’ve decided it’s been far too long since I’ve made a quilt.  I owe a friend a gift.  I had this jelly roll from Moda and it’s called La Petite Ecole from the French General range.

French General Quilt (2)

I know the colours aren’t bright and breezy but I rather like that sometimes and this blue matches some of the paintwork in her house.

Moda La petite ecole quilt (1)

This is the pattern I’ll be following which is from a book called More Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott


French General Quilt (4)

I think my friend will like it – if I can part with it that is!  I’m already envisaging it artfully draped over my own garden bench.


Now I’m  off to cast on the stitches for another ‘wearing for the dogs’ benefit’  jumper.  Do you knit (or crochet or sew) and not wear?  Is it the process rather than the finished article that does it for you?  Do tell!

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  1. #1 by PendleStitches on June 1, 2014 - 16:50

    I can’t rock a sailor collar either…but if you extended the rib all around the neck…???
    Love the jelly roll too. French General never miss the mark in my book.

    • #2 by tialys on June 1, 2014 - 18:57

      Yes – I should have done that, I think, once I realised what was happening! It would have save me some time too – as it was done in double moss stitch so seemed to take forever. Never mind – I’m sure I’ll wear it out in the garden on cool summer evenings and try to resist the urge to sing sea shanties.
      I’ve had that jelly roll for a while now – I love the slightly ‘muddy’ colours and the little french motifs.

  2. #3 by hkshuckleberry on June 1, 2014 - 17:44

    I used to do that all the time, knit things I never wore. I chose the wrong designs. Now I choose designs that I know will suit me or I make things for other people, like my daughters or my grandson. But also for my daughters I choose designs I know they will like because otherwise hours and hours of hard work disappear between the jeans that will hopefully fit again one day and the blouse grandma bought because she thought the color was pretty, etc.

    I love the jacket you made, you chose beautiful yarn. But like you I don’t think I would wear a sailor collar. :-).

    • #4 by tialys on June 1, 2014 - 18:53

      I think the problem was, the photograph on the pattern was a front view and I never really stopped to think what the back would look like. Also, I’d made a cardigan with similar but chunkier wool which I wear to death (around the house!) and loved the way the pattern emerged so was keen to make another and jumped in with both feet. Ho hum. I might see whether I can change it but, once it’s sewn up, it’s hard work trying to take it back.
      By the way, you have a delightful blog and are yet another person who makes me wish I could persevere with crochet.

      • #5 by hkshuckleberry on June 2, 2014 - 06:23

        Thank you.

        Once a garment is sewn up…. yes I know, just the thought of taking it back takes all the fun out of the project. For me, anyway.
        About crochet: I think it is much better suited for toys, cushions, potholders, etc.Knitted garments usually look better, softer. A crocheted piece can easily look like your tablecloths cousin :-).

  3. #6 by katechiconi on June 1, 2014 - 19:58

    I think the only reason I wouldn’t wear something I’d made was if I wasn’t happy with how well I’d made it… It’s a lovely cardigan, and I think you should give it a chance! And I love your jelly roll; La Petite Ecole is one of my favourites – the dark greys and reds together are so pretty, and a very French combination.

  4. #7 by tialys on June 1, 2014 - 20:48

    Well, even though I’d sort of gone off it because of the collar by the end, I still finished it all off carefully and blocked it properly so I am happy with it as far as that goes. I’m sure I’ll get some wear out of it. I love La Petite Ecole too. I also seem to have a charm pack – can’t even remember buying it – so I might incorporate it into something for me after I’ve made the jelly roll quilt.

  5. #8 by sew2pro on June 2, 2014 - 13:03

    I love that cardie too; the colours are gorgeously put together and I find that collars like that add just the right amount of warmth to the body without the need to swathe the rest in unflattering layers.

    I can just imagine wearing something like that to go buy baguettes and almond croissants: this is how I imagine you spend your mornings!!

    • #9 by tialys on June 2, 2014 - 13:33

      How did you know almond croissants are my absolute favourite? Strangely though the supermarket bakery does the best version as the ones in the small bakeries are usually too sickly.

  6. #10 by Alicia M on June 3, 2014 - 18:40

    Hello! I just read this post and wanted to recommend something that might help you moving forward. I am part way through the wardrobe architect series posted sari at her website, coletterie. Definately has helped me get “real” with myself and what I actually wear vs what I enjoy to make. For instance, I love love love whimsical prints and making dresses but when I get down to it, I wear mostly classic styles with solid colors and very little print. It has been an eye opener for me for sure as I would eventually like to have a wardrobe full of handmades I actually wear. Her blog is mostly about sewing but I think it translates to knitting and even shopping. Good luck.

    • #11 by tialys on June 3, 2014 - 19:15

      Hello and thank you for that. I must admit that I am a bit fed up with making things I don’t wear just because I fall in love with a pattern or fabric without giving enough thought to whether it would suit me or my lifestyle. I really, really don’t have cause to wear that many dresses and yet I love making them. It doesn’t help that I make quilts and other craft item because, of course, you can go a bit mad with fabric choices there and I am in the habit of looking at quilting cottons. The thought of buying some plain fabric to make an item of clothing seems boring to me but, if I were to buy an item of clothing in a shop, more often than not it would be in a plain colour or a subtle print so, like you, I should ‘get real’. Anyway, anything from Coletterie is worth reading in my opinion and I’ve just had a quick look and bookmarked it for a good long read in the near future. Here’s the link for anybody else interested http://www.coletterie.com/category/wardrobe-architect.

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