Playing Dress Up

I nipped over to the U.K. last weekend to accompany Mlle. Tialys the younger through the labyrinthine ways of Toulouse and Gatwick airports so that she could attend the Comic-Con event at London’s ExCel Centre with her sister.

Although I’m not really into it all myself, never having been a fan of comic books, video games, Nintendo DSs or any of that stuff, I did enjoy seeing some of the costumes.  I didn’t actually go in to the event myself but I saw Jokers, Star Wars characters, variously masked men and women, Supermen and scantily clad young ladies on the underground stations as I beat a hasty retreat to the other side of London which, frankly, sufficed.

Now that it’s over there is a bit of a ‘lull’ in my life at the moment, so much of the last few months having been spent in preparation.  Mostly because of the Princess Zelda costume Mlle. T. the elder was making.  She also made the one for her friend.  We had to buy 18 metres of white polyester satin for those skirts and capes and that was our main purchase from our trip to the Goldhawk Road when I went over in April.  Her friend made the shoulder pads, tiaras and other gold accessories. (I must ask her for that staff if she’s finished with it, it would make such a cool broom.)

Comicon London 2015 Princess Zelda

Not that I was directly involved until the day before when we were frantically sewing on ribbon around the scarily wide hems and hemming and gathering the capes but I was party to all the dressmaking dramas leading up to it.

 I escaped to my Mum’s house before the rest of the Princess Zelda cast arrived, knowing that an evening spent surrounded by students, pizza boxes, spray on hair dye, body paint and beer would be a trauma too far.

Comicon London 2015 Legend of Zelda

Poor Mr. T’s flat was looking a bit worse for wear the last time I saw it as there was spray hair colour all over the towels, blue body paint (courtesy of the fairy holding the ‘hey listen’ sign), glitter, emptied tubes of superglue and discarded pieces of fabric.  Another reason I beat a hasty retreat.

As a point of dressmaking interest, the tabards on the Princess Zelda costumes were made using scuba fabric.  I suggested it because the edges wouldn’t need finishing (anything to save time!) and it would cling quite nicely to the body.

For those of you not au fait with the Legend of Zelda it is a high-fantasy, action-adventure video game series created by two Japanese game designers and that is definitely true because I Googled it.  I had to do that despite forking out for numerous variations of the Zelda games for Christmasses and birthdays over the years.

It wasn’t just comic book and gaming characters though.  There were costumes from fantasy t.v. series, books and films too.  The scariest ones I saw were these two Weeping Angels from Dr. Who.

Comicon2015 - Weeping Angels

More body paint excesses.

Some people may think it strange that grown men and women want to dress up as fantasy characters and, I must admit, there are some that do seem a little ‘obsessed’ but, as a fun way to escape the realities of ‘real’ life for a couple of days and trash your Dad’s flat in the process, it can’t be topped.

Comicon2015 - Princess Zelda and Helda

Now I just need to erase the unnerving sight of my brunette, brown-eyed daughter as a blue-eyed blonde with elf ears from my freaked out memory and I’ll be fine.

The next one’s in October – I expect costume ideas may have already started formulating.

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  1. #1 by Frivolous Monsters on May 28, 2015 - 12:11

    I don’t know the Legend of Zelda, so cannot comment on their accuracy, but applaud their efforts. I can’t imagine hanging around all day like those Weeping Angels though.

    • #2 by tialys on May 28, 2015 - 20:40

      They must have put the wind up many an unsuspecting tourist on their way across London.

  2. #3 by on May 28, 2015 - 12:33

    What a good Mum you are to put up with all that.

    • #4 by tialys on May 28, 2015 - 20:37

      That’s what I keep telling them 🙂

  3. #5 by Jan Marriott on May 28, 2015 - 15:21

    Yes, the comi thing is all the rage it seems.The young french lady who came to buy a wedding dress was in Toronto for a comic festival. She had met her fiance in Angouleme, where, apparently there is another huge comic festival……!!!!1

    • #6 by tialys on May 28, 2015 - 20:37

      It’s a harmless bit of escapism and a great excuse to dress up.

  4. #7 by sew2pro on May 28, 2015 - 15:34

    I Googled Zelda recently for some reason. I loved comics as a kid – it was a passion, in fact, anything readable: novels, magazines…. I wouldn’t mind if my kids asked me for something like this as it’s hardly ever that I get asked to make them stuff. Be careful what you wish for, eh?

    You’ve done a great job (such patience, such self-sacrifice!) and it’s great to see the pics!

    • #8 by tialys on May 28, 2015 - 20:36

      I read everything too. Thinking about it, I did read lots of American comics when I was a kid. My Nan used to live just off the Caledonian Road and there was a newsagents there that was open on a Sunday morning. I particularly remember Casper the Ghost comics.
      To be fair, my daughter did the vast majority of the sewing for her costume, I was just a shopping companion, sounding board for any problems she was having with it and also ‘mopped up’ a bit at the eleventh hour.
      My husband has suddenly developed an interest in making leather goods for a hobby so watch this space for all sorts of wristbands, belts and studded bits and pieces for the next Comic-Con costume – and that might just be him!

  5. #9 by Magpie Sue on June 4, 2015 - 02:11

    My grown children would love to attend comi-cons dressed to the nines. I know what it’s like to be the sounding board for costumers though. My youngest is heavily involved in Shakespeare productions. He’s made everything from chain maille to “pumpkin pants” to frock coats. I’ll stick to piecing for quilts. :- )

    • #10 by tialys on June 4, 2015 - 08:32

      I don’t mind giving advice and a few last minute ‘tweaks but it’s great when they can make the costumes for themselves isn’t it? I don’t know whether I’m more impressed by the chain maille or the pumpkin pants 😉

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