Seeing Hexagons

After much cutting, gluing, sewing, photography, scribbling and testing, I have finally produced my Hexagonal Sewing Box Tutorial.

My two trusty testers, Kate and Lucie,  have given me their feedback and have made lovely sewing boxes for themselves.  I’ve made (most) of the changes they suggested and now it’s ready.

I’ve been making these for years – I love them – but I know lots of crafty people would rather have a go at making their own so I took photos of of all the steps as I was making this one

HexagonBoxToadstools (3)

and wrote down notes with sticky fingers as I was making this one


When you’ve been making something for a long time you forget the steps that need more careful explanation which is why testers are so helpful because they can remind you that things that might seem obvious to you after umpteen years of doing them aren’t necessarily obvious to the first timer.  So, after some tester cursing and unsticking – I’ve now made it clearer that those sides have a short and a long edge and won’t work if you try to put them up the other way – sorry ladies 😉

newsprinthexbox (6)

Also, don’t use wadding that is too thick otherwise you will have a bit of trouble making things fit instead of just ending up having softly padded, lightly luxurious feeling lids and inners – sorry again!  My lovely testers made those mistakes so nobody else has to 😉

hexagon sewing box

Anyway, if you like assembling things, getting a bit gluey and sticky, can do a passable teeny whipstitch and fancy having a go at making your own sewing box, my tutorial is now ready in my Etsy shop here.

Cover Page Hex Tutorial

and, in case you decide to give it a try, put this code in for $2 off the price BOXCLEVER.  It’s an instant download so you can get started straight away.

If you do make one, please send photos and I’ll make a little gallery.

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  1. #1 by Beth on July 20, 2015 - 21:38

    Oh this is so cute. I’ve seen triangular ones but this is a lot better! They look fantastic.

    • #2 by tialys on July 20, 2015 - 23:25

      Thanks Beth. I have made different shapes but this one is my favourite and the one I most enjoy making.

  2. #3 by sew2pro on July 20, 2015 - 23:41

    Well done to the team, testers and the brains behind the box!

    • #4 by tialys on July 21, 2015 - 13:02

      Thank you. I think the origins of the actual box pattern are lost in the mists of time but I thought a tutorial would be useful and a bit different because cartonnage is very popular here in France – somewhat in the U.K. – but not very well known in the U.S. I don’t think.
      ps my Aster pattern arrived today just as I made a complete c*** up of a dress I’ve been making – all to do with fitting issues. A warning to make a muslin of the Aster perhaps!!

  3. #5 by katechiconi on July 20, 2015 - 23:52

    I didn’t get quite as sticky as you imply – was I doing it wrong? Seriously, I adore my box, and while making it is not a speedy process because of all the glue drying, it’s not hard and there are no special skills required.

    • #6 by tialys on July 21, 2015 - 13:05

      Once you’ve made a few and don’t have to follow the steps in the tutorial in order, you can get other steps done while the glue is drying so that speeds things up a little.

      • #7 by katechiconi on July 21, 2015 - 13:15

        To be honest, I made the lid while I was waiting for the glue…

      • #8 by tialys on July 21, 2015 - 13:33

        I knew you’d ‘go maverick’.

      • #9 by katechiconi on July 21, 2015 - 13:34

        Rats! Rumbled again!

  4. #10 by lovelucie1 on July 21, 2015 - 11:51

    I got quite sticky but probably by being too liberal with the glue! I’m going to make one as a sewing box for my god daughter’s birthday next. A real keepsake for her. I found making it rather therapeutic, a good break from my usual hectic seeing.

    • #11 by tialys on July 21, 2015 - 13:09

      It’s good to try something new now and again isn’t it? I can see you making these as gifts – I think anybody in my family that is even remotely interested in sewing has one 😉
      I hope you are enjoying sunning yourself and having a lovely time in Greece and thanks again for all your help.

  5. #12 by jendavismiller on July 21, 2015 - 14:04

    Those are lovely! My current sewing box is a zebra striped plastic bag. Not too exciting, or efficient. hmmm…..I have some b/w toile left from my sewing machine cozy…..

    • #13 by tialys on July 21, 2015 - 15:30

      I think a black and white one would look very stylish!

  6. #14 by mstrsscat on July 22, 2015 - 03:44

    So excited to make this 🙂 And considering trying to cheat with a hot glue gun….

    • #15 by tialys on July 22, 2015 - 08:33

      Hmmm. I always get in a bit of a mess with a glue gun – I don’t seem to have as much control over it as I would like and mine goes through those glue sticks so quickly. However, I’d be interested to know how you get on if you try it.

      • #16 by mstrsscat on July 22, 2015 - 08:54

        Will keep you posted if I try it.

  7. #17 by on July 22, 2015 - 16:35

    Delightful box, excellent tutorial. If I weren’t so lazy these days, nothing would stop me making one!

  8. #20 by Liz on July 26, 2015 - 00:38

    Your boxes are so ordinary, and quite frankly, I resent people like you flogging their crap on their blogs. So I am deleting you from the blogs I follow.
    Utter, utter crap.

  9. #21 by tialys on July 26, 2015 - 08:55

    Luckily, you have your ‘unfollow’ button and I have my ‘trash’ button in case you feel the need to leave unnecessarily vitriolic criticism on my blog again.

  10. #22 by Nerrine on November 17, 2015 - 10:53

    I adore this fabric!!! Would you make me something pretty in it please to buy? Many Thanks

    • #23 by tialys on November 17, 2015 - 14:41

      Hi Nerrine, do you mean the white one with rabbits, deer, etc. on – the photograph for the tutorial? I’m afraid I have none left. In fact, somebody contacted me and asked me whether I had any scraps and I sent her a tiny bit which she framed in an embroidery hoop as she loved it so much. She said she had searched the internet for it but couldn’t find anybody selling it.

  11. #24 by Nerrine on November 18, 2015 - 04:52

    Yes that’s the one its so lovely 😦 And seemingly non-existent lol Think of me if you ever find any again please. Do you have anything you made in it for sale?

  12. #25 by tialys on November 18, 2015 - 11:26

    I had the box, obviously, which sold some time ago. The only other thing I might still have is a bandana baby bib!! I had another sweep of the internet but couldn’t see it anywhere. I can’t even find my original order details – I’m sure I probably bought it online – so can’t remember the maker or design name although I’m pretty sure it was Japanese.

    • #26 by Nerrine on November 18, 2015 - 11:55

      Its Kokka ‘dreamy’ or ‘dreamy bouquet’ ……I would love love love the name of the supplier if you find it or would be happy to get you to make me something amazing if you source more ❤

      • #27 by Nerrine on March 16, 2016 - 02:32

        Did you find the bandanna baby bib hon?

      • #28 by tialys on March 16, 2016 - 10:53

        I’ve had a very quick look and couldn’t find it but my hiding places are many so I’ll have a better look later and let you know if I come across it.

  13. #29 by tialys on March 17, 2016 - 09:38

    I’ve found it! If you send me an email – I’ll send you a photo.

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