FFFinally Started Assembling The F2F3 Quilt

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I have now participated in three block swaps organised by Kate over at Tall Tales from Chiconia.  Each participant decides on the colours they want their quilt to be and is allocated a month.  The participant makes three 12.5 inch square blocks for herself (or himself although we haven’t had a male quilter join us yet) and the others all make three too, in the chosen colours but in whatever design they like, and send them off to the participant of the month.  F2F stands for Foot Square Freestyle (the blocks measure 12 inches when finished) and 2018/2019 was the third year we did it – hence F2F3.

Now you know!

Anyway, when the names were drawn from the hat, my name came out first so I received my blocks from the other eight participants by the end of June last year.  I have only just got round to dealing with them.

This time, I am determined to make a quilt big enough to properly fit a Superking size bed – in other words I want it to go down the sides of the bed and not just cover the top.  This means a very big quilt and I can tell you now that I will definitely not be quilting it myself.  It will go over to the U.K. and somebody with a lovely big machine, specially designed to deal with big quilts, will do it for me.  I’ll worry about getting it back over to France when the time comes.

You might remember – though why should you? – my colour scheme was sort of neutrals – greys, cream, beige and dusty pink.

Here is a provisional layout on the bed which doesn’t look that big here but, trust me, it is.  Each of those blocks measures 12.5 inches at the moment and they’re laid out 5 across x 6 down.


I’m going with that layout, more or less, although I’ve already swapped out the middle one on the bottom row as it was too similar in colour to the one above.  Sometimes you don’t see these things until you photograph it and look at it on a screen.

I had two potential sashing fabrics in mind and ‘auditioned’ them by laying some of the blocks on top.

This was one possibility

and this marbled charcoal grey was the other.

You can see which one I went with in this photo of the first row joined together with the vertical sashing strips.

I put a bit of a spurt on this afternoon and got the top two rows joined.  I’ve cheated and just laid the horizontal strips across to give you a bit of an idea how it will look.  I really like the way the charcoal grey is framing the blocks.

The reason for this sudden industry is because one of my favourite online UK fabric shops is having a free shipping weekend (including Europe) and they have some fabric in stock at the moment that I rather fancy for the border.  I haven’t got anything the right colour, in the right amount in my stash.  I know I could calculate how much fabric I will need for the border – although not without help – but I’d prefer to get the blocks joined up, decide whether I want a small border made from the rejected sashing fabric and then what sort of width would look right for the outer border.  If I want the free shipping I need to work it out by the end of this weekend.  It’s a first world problem I know.

Mr. Tialys’s shirt has had to take a back seat but I have done the plackets, the yoke and the collar stand and, because my mannequin is lady shaped, I had to go to the storeroom and put my antique male mannequin into use.  It’s in my Etsy shop so this will probably be the time somebody will decide to buy it but, for now, it is standing in for Mr. T – even though it’s a lot shorter than him, not quite as broad across the shoulders and considerably older.

The other reason for the sudden rush is that I want to start a new quilt and feel too guilty to start it while this one is languishing in a box and everybody’s hard work in making all those lovely blocks for me is hidden from view.

This will be the last big quilt I make now – I really don’t need any more and I can’t afford to send them off for quilting every time (although I’ve only done that once before) – so in future I’ll be making baby quilts, lap quilts and throws – sizes I can get under my domestic machine or *shudder* hand quilt.

So, that’s my weekend sorted, what will you be getting up to?

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  1. #1 by thecontentedcrafter on August 24, 2019 - 09:55

    Excellent call on the sashing colour Madame – it is going to look quite wonderful! And the Monsieur’s shirt colour is tres couleurs vives!!

    • #2 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 11:53

      I sort of had the charcoal grey in mind all along but thought I’d audition the other one too – just in case it was a revelation. It might make a nice narrow border though, if I’ve got enough.

  2. #3 by nanacathy2 on August 24, 2019 - 10:34

    The new quilt looks splendid. The muted colour are very French I feel. Well worth the expenditure of a quilter. The shirt looks very snazzy. I shall be doing the laundry. For the last two weeks the water company has been threatening us with low water pressure and degunking the water pipes which would wreck the washing machine. So all laundry has to be done at the weekend. Worst bit, they haven’t actually done it yet, so we go into a third week! I shall probably read a lot in the garden as we are having a final throw at some summer weather.

    • #4 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 11:57

      We always have low water pressure although the washing machine works O.K. so I guess it isn’t as bad as having the water pipes degunked (yuk!).
      Have a lovely read in the garden and be careful in the sun. I can recommend Ruth Hogan’s ‘Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel’ by the way – I found it to be a charming book, not too demanding and some of it set in Brighton.

  3. #5 by katechiconi on August 24, 2019 - 11:02

    How lovely to see all those blocks again. I’m glad you chose the charcoal sashing, as that would have been my own choice; it frames the blocks and makes each one look individual, rather than all those soft colours blending rather. I’m with you on not being keen to make a very large quilt again. I’m finding the 5 across, 6 down 12 inch format is about right, which makes a generous lap quilt. Of course, if/when we go round again with F2F, I’ll probably end up with the makings of a large quilt again!

    • #6 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 11:59

      I think, for the next F2F, I’ll make two smaller ones.

      • #7 by katechiconi on August 26, 2019 - 00:59

        I had the same thought with BougieNights. I’ve effectively got a double-sided quilt from those blocks.

      • #8 by tialys on August 28, 2019 - 09:11

        Yes, that’s true. Making a reversible, smaller one is a good idea.

  4. #9 by KerryCan on August 24, 2019 - 12:07

    Oh, yes, the dark gray sashing is perfect! This is going to be a beautiful, restful quilt!

    • #10 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 11:59

      I’m really please with how those colours turned out – I’m not really a ‘bright colours in the bedroom’ type of person.

  5. #11 by Emmely on August 24, 2019 - 12:50

    I would have picked the charcoal grey as well! Looks really good so far.

    • #12 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 12:00

      I’m hopeful it’s going to be a really nice quilt.

  6. #13 by claire93 on August 24, 2019 - 14:24

    so pleased to see you chose the darker grey – really frames blocks nicely.
    I’m wondering why you didn’t decide to do another QAYG finish on this one? Did you not like how your quilt turned out last time?
    And Mr T’s shirt is looking very promising.

    • #14 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 12:06

      I did like the way the last quilt turned out but, as you know, quilting doesn’t float my boat. Also, I’m planning borders for this one, to get it up to the right size and I’d have to do those QAYG too. I’m planning this to be ‘the’ quilt – the one that will finally fit our bed properly and, being fairly neutral, will go with all colour schemes forever and ever. Because of this, I’m happy to invest in a really good quilting job although I’ll get her to leave the binding off so I can feel as if I’ve done the final finish.

      • #15 by claire93 on August 25, 2019 - 12:46

        forever & ever lol
        Fair enough!

  7. #16 by Laurie Graves on August 24, 2019 - 15:32

    Restful and beautiful. Just perfect.

  8. #18 by kathyreeves on August 24, 2019 - 15:48

    I think the charcoal is the perfect frame for these blocks. Mr. T’s shirt is coming along nicely, too. I was pondering my F2F3 blocks last night, I need to make my three blocks and sort those out too! It was great to see your blocks again!

    • #19 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 12:07

      I thought I’d better do something with them as I was the first recipient and I don’t think Kate’s been able to put any finished quilts in her gallery yet.

      • #20 by kathyreeves on August 26, 2019 - 01:43

        I haven’t even done the three blocks for my own! Maybe this week if I continue use in this productive vein. The kitchen walls are now clean…they were even dirtier than I thought!😳

      • #21 by tialys on August 28, 2019 - 09:12

        A nice clean kitchen wall – ready to pin your rosettes on!

      • #22 by kathyreeves on August 28, 2019 - 14:30


  9. #23 by Dartmoor Yarns on August 24, 2019 - 23:52

    These blocks look fab together. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

    • #24 by tialys on August 25, 2019 - 12:09

      I think I’ll send the ‘flimsy’ over to the U.K. with Mr. Tialys to send off to the quilter who is in Yorkshire. I’ll worry about getting the finished one back here when the time comes.

      • #25 by Dartmoor Yarns on August 25, 2019 - 18:36

        Maybe Mr Tialys could start a hand delivery/returns courier system?

      • #26 by tialys on August 28, 2019 - 09:11

        I’ll mention it. 😉

      • #27 by Dartmoor Yarns on August 28, 2019 - 13:23


  10. #28 by craftycreeky on August 27, 2019 - 18:18

    Love the charcoal grey, it really makes it pop. I can recommend Chris Marriage for long arm quilting, I’ll be sending my Coming Home quilt to her.

    • #29 by tialys on August 28, 2019 - 09:14

      Ah, that’s interesting. I used somebody from Yorkshire last time – the company is The Quilt Sandwich. If you buy the wadding and extra wide fabric from her she discounts the cost of the quilting a bit. I was pleased with her work but I’ll have a look at Chris Marriage too. Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. #30 by nottaholiday on August 28, 2019 - 06:04

    Such a lovely quilt, well done. I once decided to make “the purple and green quilt” and just kept piecing,piecing, piecing….our beagle would sit outside the sewing room as sentry and alert me by tail wags if someone approached. I just kept going, We lost the dog to cancer and when I called stumps on the quilt it cascaded off the king bed, onto the floor and reached into the adjoining bathroom. My weird grief therapy. Its still not quilted.

    • #31 by tialys on August 28, 2019 - 09:17

      Aw, that’s a sad story. You should get it finished ‘in memoriam’.
      Is it ‘normal’ or usual to send quilts away to get them quilted on a longarm machine in Australia? I don’t think it is nearly as common in the U.K. or France as it is in the States and I feel vaguely embarrassed to admit i’m going to do it but I know my limitations.

      • #32 by nottaholiday on August 28, 2019 - 09:24

        Yes…its very common. None of my friends would quilt their own quilts although we are all now doing smaller projects unless there’s a grandy quilt. I once hand quilted a queen size with wool batting (it weighed a ton). I am currently struggling quilting lyn andersons “Scandinavian christmas” …weekend away soon so may get a push along

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