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Taking some product photographs today, I got distracted by the shadows on my floor – as you do.


I suppose this could have come under my series of posts on ‘excuses not to do the housework’  – and by the way those are not stains on the floor/sky but knots of wood.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

….to quote the Small Faces.

A very hot, lazy weekend – finally, as we’ve had a lot of rain lately. 

As you can see, I know how to enjoy myself when the sun is out!

Once I’d finished photographing slow moving creatures, I finished my book and had a good  cry.  It’s a long time since I cried over a book so I re-read the last bit  to try to analyse why it made me cry which, of course, started me off all over again (I’d only had the one beer).  This is the first book I’ve read by this author but I’ll definitely seek out some others.  I recommend it – if you want a good weep that is.

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I meant to photograph some poppies this morning but saw this spider in her web and took one of her.  It was only when I looked on the computer that I saw all her babies behind her.  Apologies for the quality but I hadn’t set up the tripod or anything.  If you click on it you can see the tiny ones more clearly.


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Bonne Fete A Toutes Les Mamans

It’s Mothers’ Day here in France today.

I hope everybody received something as lovely as an emerald brooch in amongst  garden picked roses like I did!



(Sorry for the lack of accents in the title but I need to do tricky things on my keyboard to produce them and then they don’t always appear)

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A Heavy Load

We have this really old tree peony in the garden which has fantastic big blooms every year.  Always, there are irridescent green beetles nestled inside the petals which are huge and shiny and look just like brooches.  I was trying to get a photo of one of those but they were buried too deep inside. However,  I did see this bee with his legs weighed down by nectar, barely able to stay airborne!

and lift off……..

I’ll try and capture one of the ‘brooch beetles’ another day.

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