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A bit of a change of pace for my blog today – a bit serious but, I hope a little bit informative and of interest.

Photo by Félix Prado on Unsplash

Back in the day, I shared a flat with Sara.  We both had full time jobs but also worked some evenings behind the bar in a local night club for a bit of extra money and some fun (mostly for the fun).  We had lots of laughs and enjoyed each other’s company for a year or so before going our separate ways.  I doubt we gave any thought at all to autism, if we’d even heard of it but, since then, autism has had an impact on both our lives to different extents and Sara has made it her mission to promote the understanding, acceptance, inclusion & equality of autistic people.  One way she does this is in her blog ‘An Affinity With A’ and, with her permission,  I wanted to share this from her recent post with you because it seemed so appropriate at this particular time.

Anxious about things beyond your control?
Unsettled by change?
Worried by uncertainty?
Challenged by needing to communicate differently?
Upset by rule breakers?
Struggling to comply with new rules, suddenly imposed?
Concerned about people getting too close?
Annoying others by getting too close?
Difficulty interpreting others intentions … 
will they go left or will they go right?
Resenting enforced isolation?
Irritated by your environment? 
Craving friendship & human contact?
Overwhelmed by information, solutions & strategies?
Protecting with unsubtle accessories?
Creating structure & routine to feel safe?
Reaching out for things that bring comfort & joy?
Unusually absorbed by hobbies & interests?
Losing it?
Frightened for loved ones?
Knowing some won’t make it?
Exhausted from operating in a world different to your natural state of being?
Welcome to our autistic world.
We hope your visit leaves a lasting impression.
Remember us when you’re gone & don’t be a stranger.
Stay safe.

Thanks for reading!


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