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A Frogging Nightmare, Some Solace and a bit of F2F

If it sounds like I’m swearing in the title I’m not, although I certainly felt like it.  For those non-knitters amongst you, ‘frogging’ basically means undoing what you’ve spent hours doing because you got wrapped up in an episode of something on the T.V. and let your concentration slip.  As you can see below, that happened to me during a binge watching session of ‘Silk’ and I didn’t do a twist where I should have done.  As I have explained before, these big, bouncy, beautiful blankets are knit with six strands of wool so undoing it when you’ve made a mistake is a bit of a nightmare.  To my shame, I did consider leaving it as it was because it’s going to be my Mum’s Christmas pressie and I thought she won’t notice or, if she does, she won’t mind but, when it came to it, I just couldn’t do it – what sort of knitter (or daughter) would I be?


This photograph shows where I had got to with my frogging before I decided to take a photograph, the error was much further down than that originally – 26 rows further down actually, if you must know.   I did this with one of my previous blankets and started frogging lots of rows at a time which resulted in the strands of wool getting so tangled up I had to cut them and rejoin the yarn which meant, instead of having tail ends to weave in only at the beginning and end of the blanket, I had some in the middle too.  I didn’t want that happening again so, after about 2 hours of carefully undoing one row at a time, I got into a system of having the strands going round the back of my neck and rewinding one ball at a time at the end of each row.    Nightmare!

Having got myself back on track my trusty 20mm circular needle – the conqueror of 3 and a half of these blankets so far – broke and I have lent my spare one to somebody who has only just completed the first 8 rows of her blanket and I haven’t got the heart to ask for it back.  I am about to continue with my needle held together with superglue, smooth duck tape and a prayer.

I made some of these to cheer myself up.

Banana & Choc Chip Muffins

They are Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate and Banana muffins and they are meant to be chocolate coloured but when I opened a tin of what I thought was luxury chocolate powder, it was a tin of chocolate chips which you add milk to in order to make posh hot chocolate.  Still, I added them anyway and it worked because how could luxury chocolate chips not work?

Anyway, all has not been a complete cock up.  I have mentioned before the F2F patchwork block swap I’m participating in.  I’m so excited as it’s my turn this month and, by the end of it, I should have received 11 packages from all over the world, each containing 3 blocks for me to join together with the 3 that I have made, to make a lovely big quilt.  Last month was Sue’s turn – she is one of the organisers and had requested black and white with a hot colour of our choice.  You could use more than one hot colour but once I’d settled on this hot pink I couldn’t get enough of it.  Also, I’m getting better at these Anvil blocks (a bit better anyway) so played it a bit safe, stuck with those and just alternated the colours.

F2FBlocksSeptember (1)

The black fabric is covered in tiny text which is a quote from George Eliot.

F2FBlocksSeptember (2)

I love this musical score print.

Anvil Block

A reminder for Sue that these blocks came from France – albeit nowhere near Paris!!

I don’t know why this one goes in the opposite direction to the others but I’m sure it won’t matter :/

Off to order another 20mm circular needle – just in case.

Have you ever had to undo something you’ve made which was such a pain it has lingered long in your memory?



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Miss October

I mentioned my tentative foray into block swapping in an earlier post.  It has been organised by Kate over at Tall Tales From Chiconia  and Sue From The Magpies Nest and involves twelve people from all over the World.  It’s called Foot²Freestyle  because each block will have a finished size of 12 inches or a foot, clever eh?   Every month it is the turn of  one of the twelve participants to receive three blocks from each of the other eleven participants so there will be eleven parcels to open.   It’s my turn in October – I’m excited!  I also have to make three blocks of my own, making 36 big blocks with which to make a 72 inch square quilt.

pin up girl

Bearing in mind the year long fabric fast I have just started, it is lucky that everybody chose their colours right at the beginning of the swap so I think I have enough fabric to make all the remaining blocks between now June 2016.

I have made the blocks for Miss September which is Sue, one of the organisers, she’s asked for black and white with a ‘hot’ colour of our choice, but I can’t show photographs of them yet as it will spoil the surprise when she opens her package.

I’ve made the three for my own quilt so I’ll show the photos of those instead.  The colours I chose were dark grey, with light grey, white, turquoise and touches of coral or orange.  Rabbits not obligatory!

Bug Jar Block

I said earlier that I made a ‘tentative foray’ into the world of block swaps and that is because, although I’ve been doing patchwork on and off for years, some of the others have made it into an art form and seem to make a quilt a week.  Therefore, I decided to concentrate on colours and fabrics and keep the designs simple.  Mind you, even then, I seem to cut off points and go ‘wonky’ from time to time.  I’ll never win any prizes but I’m enjoying it.  The bug jar above is a fun design, I think and bottling rabbits is a little different to the usual spiders, etc.

Random Patchwork

Some years ago I made a faux ‘crazy’ quilt using this block.  It’s supposed to look as if it’s been randomly pieced but actually there are three pieces cut with a template and the rest by measurement and they are then joined together to make a block.  In this way, you can achieve a random looking quilt by mixing up the fabrics used for each piece and turning the block around so that the total effect looks ‘crazy’.

Anvil Block

I like the anvil block because it has points, but not too many, and I’ve been making a few of these so I’m managing to keep more of the points in the actual design now!  The grey patterned fabric in the background will be featuring quite heavily in the near future and the reason for that will be revealed in a future post.  However, the words ‘I’m never bothering to make a dress again’ might give you a clue what the subject matter will be.

Do you like the colours I’ve chosen?  I was inspired partly by the Riley Blake fabric below from Sew Scrumptious Fabrics where I am always tempted by the beautiful range.  Note the coral coloured feet and eyes – a contrast I have made more of  in my colour scheme.   I meant to buy this fabric to incorporate into my blocks but didn’t get round to it and now, because of my fabric fast, I can’t 😦

Riley Blake Cottage Birds

Actually, now I’m looking again, I think those little feet are pink but you get my drift.

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