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Tight Lipped Tuesday #16

Another of my occasional Tuesday posts where there are more photos than words (for a change).

I know quite a few of you indulge in crochet and some in crochet mandalas and some of you even put them in hoops.

So, I thought you might like to see some photos of the hoops made by the crocheters of Chalabre and other friendly yarnbombers.

Chalabre is a local village which celebrated its second annual ‘Chalabre en Sérénade’ last week, culminating at the weekend in a riot of singers and musicians from all over the world, love songs delivered from Juliet balconies, artists, designers  and much more.

I only took one photo – which was of a hoop in the window of a patisserie –  what can I say?  I wouldn’t mind but I can’t even find it now anyway.

So, all these photos I have used with the permission of Julie Prochowski who came up with the idea of the hoops and gave it her all.

(Julie is also a very good sewing teacher and crafter extraordinaire.  One of those people who seem to be able to turn their hand to anything but I like her anyway 😉)

The Raw Material


The Assembly


The Hoisting Up


The Shadow Play


The Crochet Canopy

Doesn’t it look amazing?


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