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Lilac Moon

I love autumn – it’s my favourite month.

We are having an ‘Indian Summer’ which is just as well as we had what could have been called an ‘Irish Summer’ in July and August.  Apologies to Ireland but, you know, it really does rain a lot there.

 I love  all the beautiful autumn colours and funny things happenning in the sky.  This morning, for instance, there was a huge moon in a lilac coloured sky.

Just like this, in fact

One of the things I love about having a hot, sunny autumn is that, no matter how summery it is during the day, in the morning and evening there is a definite ‘nip in the air’ which means you can feel cosy indoors, wear fluffy slippers and drink cocoa, watch t.v. as early as 7.30 p.m. if you want to (as it’s almost dark outside) and sleep at night without resorting to a noisy electric fan or having to leave  a window open and let the lizards in.  All this, whilst still being able to float around during the day in summer frocks or shorts.

Just off  to change out of my swimming cossie into a pair of cosy pull ons, a big baggy sweater and some fluffy socks and see what’s on.


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Three Reasons to Like Autumn

Seeing which of your neighbours is the first to light a log fire.

The Lovely Soft Colours

Kind morning light - encouraging me to try close ups without a tripod!

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