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Pole Dancing Cats

Mlle Tialys the Elder has been pole dancing.  Apparently it is a legitimate form of exercise.  When she was doing a class earlier in the year, close to her University on the South Coast, she did it in shorts and trainers (I think).  Now, she is doing an internship in London and when she rang to ask for details about a local class they said  ‘some of the ladies like to wear high heels’.  Do they now!  I was a little worried because even though I flung myself about in spandex à la Jane Fonda back in the day, there was never a pole in sight.  Unless you count the one holding up the pub sign where I usually ended up after class to down a swift lager and lime.  Anyway, we have communicated by text this morning and she appears to have escaped being kidnapped by shady characters and was designated as being worthy of the  ‘intermediate’ class.  Perhaps it’s best if she doesn’t get too advanced.

Anyway, when she first started this pole dancing lark, she made me laugh by telling me about hanging upside down on the pole and having to lower herself slowly to the ground and her thighs were making a loud squeaking, creaking noise against the pole as she descended which resounded around the room and that reminded me of this –

Forget all those other famous lines from classic films,  ‘Feed me –  if you dare’ has got to be my favourite.  Plus, how gorgeous is Antonio Banderas’ voice?

Talking of cats – which we sort of were – on one of my rummages recently I spotted this poster for an art exhibition.  It just gets into the ‘vintage’ category (or the American one at least), being over 20 years’ old, so I bought it for my shop but I then made the mistake of hanging it on my wall and now I just might have to keep it.

Vintage French Poster

A bit on the creepy side, I know but just look at that cat’s face.  He reminds me of my own long suffering black cat Salem.  Every summer he gets eaten by some sort of insect and his face, eyes and ears go all scabby and sore looking.  I put cream on which helps a bit but it happens every summer and, round about this time of year, it clears up and you’d never know he’d ever been affected.  It’s so bad that, if he wasn’t mine and I saw him wandering around, I would think he was a poor neglected creature with no home to go to.  As it is, if I see him and I’m in company, I just pretend not to know him which saves any embarrassment and wards off threats to report me to whatever passes for the R.S.P.C.A. around here.

Scabby CatSalem’s Summer Look -note the missing fur round eye, scabby nose and nibbled ear.

Of course, I also have a cat that looks like Shrek’s Puss in Boots

Who has also let himself go and is not ashamed to show it.

(He is alive in this photo by the way)

Back to sewing, knitting, crafting news next time but a change is as good as a rest to a blind horse as somebody who likes to mix up their proverbs might say and, anyway, I have too many projects on the go and nothing ready or worth photographing yet.

Yes, I know I should really have called this post ‘Pole Dancing And  Cats’ but that wouldn’t have sounded quite so intriguing so I sort of cheated.

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Cats’ Eyes

No, this isn’t about the cats’ eyes that you find down the middle of the road although, while we are on that subject, I can’t believe how much easier they make driving in the dark.  I only mention this as we don’t have them in France and I never fully appreciated them before.

I had to take my cat, Salem, to the vet yesterday which is always an experience.  Firstly, I thought I’d vaccinate two cats with one stone and take him, together with one of my other four cats, and get the annual boosters done at the same time.  If you’ve ever tried getting an unwilling cat into a basket where there is already another unwilling cat just waiting for a chance to escape, you will understand why I ended up taking only one of them. 

Anyway, something was wrong with Salem’s eye.  He had come home and there was lots of thick white liquid oozing out (‘lovely’, I hear you say!) and, at first, I thought he had lost his eye.  The pupil had almost disappeared to nothing and he couldn’t really open the eye up at all.  Valerie the Vet took great pride in showing me a moving display (in the mobile sense, not the emotional) on her computer which demonstrated the cat’s eye and an imaginary object piercing it and a hole appearing – amazing really, it’s quite an education going to the vets these days.  She put this special liquid in his eye and, in fluorescent green, a little hole showed up in his cornea.  He must have managed to poke himself in the eye with a branch or something.  I have to put eye drops in three times a day for two weeks and the vet suggested keeping him in so that he will always be around when the eye drops need to be administered. 

There are two big problems with this.  Firstly, if I keep him in, he has to have a litter tray and nothing delights my dogs more than having their favourite snack offered up to them in their very own home (‘lovely’, I hear you say again).  Secondly, if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible for one person to hold a cat still, whilst holding its eye open and administering eye drops in one smooth action, I have tried this out for you and can tell you that it’s not.  The morning and evening doses aren’t too bad as my daughters are around to help but the midday one is impossible.  I have to take him back to the lovely Valerie Vet in a week’s time so I hope that the amount of drops I am managing to get in will do some good.




I always find that visits to the vet, like all bad things, come in threes.  As I have so many animals the chances of this are magnified so, watch this space.

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