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The Green Hour

Not that I’m obsessed with absinthe or anything – haven’t even tasted it! – but I decided to compile an Etsy treasury around it.  Well, it’s such a gorgeous colour.

‘L’Heure Verte – The Green Hour’ by LaManche

Last month, France officially lifted the ban on Absinthe. Will there be outpourings of creativity or outbreaks of madness, or both?

Absinthe Collar


Bar Absinthe sign in Aluminu…


French Milled Absinthe Scent…


LA FEE VERTE Absinthe Green …


Green Fairy Absinthe Mini To…


The green hour, a peridot gr…


Green corset silk brocade ov…


Vintage Absinthe Alcohol Fre…




Large Absinthe Spoon Antiqu…


Absinthe Mermaid gothic fair…


HUGE ABSINTHE steampunk ste…


Brilliant Olivine Green Swar…


Absinthe (makes the heart gr…


Vintage Absinthe Label Belt…


Absinthe Bottle Pendant


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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The Green Muse

I’ve just spotted a way to lift me out of the creative ‘ennui’ that has beset me over the past couple of weeks (see here for reminder).

Apparently, last month, the French officially lifted the ban on Absinthe.  Now I can emulate those great artists of the past who were reputedly inspired by the mind altering effects of wormwood.  Look out for some amazing works of art from me – or you might just find me slumped, poetically, on a chaise-longue.

Of course, it’s always been possible to get Absinthe in France, under another name, but it just wouldn’t seem as naughty.  Right, I’m off to la cave to stock up and then I’ll get out my paints and easel. Prepare to be amazed.

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