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The Stylish Photographer

For today’s Saturday Selection I am featuring another item that I have bought from Etsy and have been chuffed to bits with. (You see, already bought and paid for, no biased reportage here!)

If you have a camera and lenses and don’t like taking them out in a boring, plain camera bag, these padded purses from XcessRise Designs  are for you.   As their tagline says – ‘Life is too short to carry an ugly bag’.

You can choose your own fabric from a very wide range – it took me ages to decide as there was so much choice. (This one isn’t the fabric I went for, incidentally, but I haven’t got round to photographing mine yet!)

The best thing about these bags is that there is room inside for a point & shoot camera, your wallet, cell phone (or mobile as us Brits call them) and keys so you don’t even need to take another bag out with you at all.  Great for those times when you know you are going to want to take photos but are perhaps going out to dinner too and don’t want to be carrying more than one bag around or your husband has started to refuse to hold on to your handbag while you wrestle with your camera bag (mentioning no names).

I chose this hobo style as I try to pretend I’m not a tourist when I’m out and about  – but that’s just me – which, incidentally led to an experience the other day where an English tourist followed me around the supermarket and, believing me to be French(as she hadn’t heard my mangling of the language), decided to trust my judgement on wine-buying and put the exact same wines I bought into her own basket.  The fact that the red was Spanish and the white a Chilean seemed to have escaped her notice.   However, I digress, XcessRize also does the boxy shaped ones if you prefer and you could get one for a man with funky or more subdued fabric of your choice so great for a pressie for the photographer of either gender in your life.

Have a great weekend!!

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