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May Giveaway 5 Day Event


Thank you to everybody who entered and, if you didn’t win but would like to try making one of my boxes, the PDF tutorial is available to buy here.

Doesn’t everybody like the thrill of the chase, the excitement of wondering whether you will win, the thought you might actually get something for nothing?  I do.

One of my readers alerted me to SewMamaSew’s  Giveaway Day which happens twice a year. Giveaway Day is a  HUGE event they coordinate where everyone with a shop or blog can give something away and, because it has been so successful, this event is going to last 5 days instead of one.   I’ve not only decided to go and scout round everybody else’s blogs  to see what they are up and to see  if I can actually win something for a change but I have also decided to join in and offer a giveaway of my own.

Not for the lazy or faint hearted amongst you, I am giving away one of the PDF tutorial patterns for my own design fabric covered étui box.  The tutorial has lots of photographs and, hopefully, you will end up with a neat little treasure box, memory box, trinket box or sewing box like the above, or this –

or this –

 Intermediate sewing skills are needed – for neatness! – and the wish to get a little bit icky and sticky as there is gluing involved.

If you want a chance to win a copy of my tutorial sent direct to your email address, wherever you are in the world,  just leave a comment below – polite and/or amusing would be great but not obligatory – and I will draw the winner on May 25th as per the instructions from SewMamaSew – although 17h pacific time is 01h in the morning here in France so I might leave it until I get up on the morning of the 26th if you don’t mind.

If you want to participate in the May Giveaway Day by entering other giveaways or by offering something on your own blog please click here for details.


PDF Tutorial for Fabric Covered Etui Box by Tialys

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Spots Before the Eyes

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Little Boxes

I hadn’t built one of my étui box houses for ages so, when somebody asked if I’d make a custom house for them, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.  But, once I’d agreed and we’d sorted out what theme and fabrics and trim and little extras she wanted, I actually quite enjoyed it.  I had forgotten that, although these still take quite a while to make, they are not nearly as time consuming as the hexagonal sewing boxes.  

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Flower Fairy Box

The latest box to be finished in my Patchwork group is Doreen’s which she made in a gorgeous flower fairy fabric for her little girl Enola. 

Actually, Doreen wasn’t there when I showed the others in the group how to make the sewing boxes and she was shown by one of the other women who had learnt from me but I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the box and the lovely Enola.

I love that everybody is so chuffed with their boxes and nearly all of them want to make a second one.

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Read All About It!

This is the first of my two latest  hexagonal sewing boxes to be finished.  I really like this linen fabric with the vintage newsprint design and I’ve  teamed it with some more muted  linens so it has a very luxurious feel to it.  I like to cater for all tastes and this one is very different from the recent Kawaii style one I made and the next one will be a more floral design but still lovely linen.  I hope you like it.


            more lovely linen inside –

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Hexagonal Etui Box – A Deconstruction

Well, I promised that next time I made a hexagonal sewing box I would show you how many different bits and pieces had to be cut out so, as I’m just about to embark on making another two, I’ve laid it all out for your delectation.    I also said I’d probably frighten myself and I have.  Must be mad.

All the hand-cut components for one, yes, just one, hexagonal box.

All the hand-cut components for one, yes, just one, hexagonal box.

Bearing in mind that I’ve just spent the best part of a day, on and off, cutting out two of these, you will perhaps be amazed that I still manage to find it fun.  Maybe it’s the gluey bit, I also like choosing the fabrics – not that keen on doing the teeny tiny stitches these days ‘cos it means I have to put specs on – but what I really love is seeing the finished item and imagining it being used for somebody’s sewing bits and pieces or other goodies.

Anyway, I promised I’d show you but I’m off back upstairs now to get sticky.  I’ll let you see it when it’s finished – you have probably noticed there’s a tea theme going on with this one which reminds me, time to put the kettle on.

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Hexagonal Sewing Box

I have decided that these sewing boxes are my favourite thing to make at the moment.

I have fun choosing the fabrics and seeing it all come together.  They take ages as I hand cut all the card from scratch and then there is a great, messy time when I have a bit of a glue fest.  Then there is quite a bit of tiny stitching to be done before I can play about with the camera.  They probably take between 4 and 5 hours to make (not counting drying time) so it’s definitely a bit of a labour of love.

Hexagonal Sewing Box

Hexagonal Sewing Box

I rummage (what a lovely word) for little bits and pieces to dress the photograph and often go to the junk shops in France to forage for vintage thread cards and buttons.A Peek Inside the Box

I’ve had my own one in daily use for about 9 years now – and I’m not gentle with it!

The next time I make a box I’m going to lay out all the stuff that goes into it and photograph it before and after – probably frighten myself.

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