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Sunday’s Vintage Haul


Enamelware Coffee Pot or a Vase

I’m making the most of the vide greniers on Sundays to stock up on my vintage items because, soon, they will stop until next May time.  Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful, warm October day here and the vide grenier was in a tiny village in the valley so we browsed the items people had supposedly emptied out of their attics (which is what ‘vide grenier’ means) next to fields of pasture with the cow bells clanging loudly around us.  When I say ‘us’ I made Mr. Tialys come with me because he’s quite useful for carrying heavy things and spotting faults on things that I don’t always notice.  However, the disadvantage is he is sometimess too sensible.  I saw a vintage typewriter which would have either been useful for my friend Ann (aka Mentalembellisher)’s jewellery making or as a prop in my photos.  I tried to get Ann on the phone but she wasn’t home so I left it because he said I had enough ‘props’.  It was only 8 euros!! Needless to say, Ann has told me off this morning and said I mustn’t take him next time.  Anyway, here are some of the things I did get.

Gorgeous Enamelled Coffee Pots


Cendrier from Parisian Restaurant 'Au Boeuf Couronné'


Musical Carousel


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