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Floaty Stuff (or a Zinnia chiffon skirt)

Wrath of the Tartans (1)

I bought the Colette Zinnia skirt pattern when it very first came out – so early, in fact, that I was able to point out an error which they quickly remedied.  Like a fool, I decided to make the skirt in plaid and proceeded to make a complete pig’s breakfast of it with my pleats going all over the place (you can visit the final resting place above).

 At the same time, I had bought some fabric to make the chiffon version but, after my failure with the first one, left it lying pale and limp in a corner waiting for me to get my confidence back.

I read several tutorials about working with silk, chiffon and all things floaty and slippy and decided to go for it.

Colette Zinnia Chiffon Version

(This mannequin had obviously had a glass of wine or two.  Or was that me?)

The pleats were easier to do than I expected as I had the lining in place and that made the chiffon easier to handle.

Zinnia Chiffon SkirtI used tailors chalk to mark the pleats and you can still see it! I am hoping it will come out with the first wash.

I did a rolled hem on my overlocker – which was a first for me.

So, overall, I was quite chuffed

Colette Zinnia Chiffon Skirt

 I’m still not sure how I managed to ‘make it work’ in chiffon and not in plaid but there you go.  Sometimes you have those sorts of days where nothing goes right.

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