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Dog Painting – Is There An Upside?

Apparently, there is a craze in China for painting or dyeing dogs to look like wild animals. 

Golden Retriever as a Tiger

A bizarre spectale, but the wealthy middle classes in China  have, apparently, taken dogs and cats to their hearts and spending on pets has increased by 500% in the last decade.    There is now pressure, from these people,  to remove dogs and cats from the menus so maybe a little bit of paint or dye in your eye is preferable to ending up as a meal.


Chow Chow as Pandas

I wonder whether the craze will catch on elsewhere.  I suppose it’s only a short step from dressing up chihuahuas in hooded t-shirts and I knew a hairdresser once who used to put red streaks in her dog’s hair so, who knows? 

Anyway, I was way ahead of the trend and once did my golden retriever  up as an orangutan –

Golden Retriever as Orangutan

Only joking about the last one – she came back from a lone walk  looking like this and I have no idea what she had rolled in to achieve the fetching red tint.

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