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Picture This

My friend Anna told me about how you can have your favourite photos made into a hardback book. You can design the cover, choose the mood of the inner pages, have text or not, have full page photographs or several on a page. It took me quite a while to do because most of the photos of my girls – or at least the ones taken when they were cute (!) – weren’t digital so had to be scanned in and, of course, I then had to fiddle about with them in photo editing. However, once that’s all done, it’s a piece of cake. 

This is going to be a Christmas gift for my parents.

I made this one at Photobox.  I’m addicted now so I’d like to make one for each of my girls with some of their best photographs and I’d quite like to make one using some of the old black and white family photographs that my parents have but I’ll have to see what the quality is like once I’ve scanned them in.  It’s a good excuse to have a good old rummage through your photos, old and new and great fun designing your own book.

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Read All About It!

This is the first of my two latest  hexagonal sewing boxes to be finished.  I really like this linen fabric with the vintage newsprint design and I’ve  teamed it with some more muted  linens so it has a very luxurious feel to it.  I like to cater for all tastes and this one is very different from the recent Kawaii style one I made and the next one will be a more floral design but still lovely linen.  I hope you like it.


            more lovely linen inside –

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