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Taking It Outside

Now the weather has cheered up immeasurably, I followed my blogging friend Kate’s advice and took my grey looking duck egg blue blanket outside for another attempt at a photo where, voila, it is now showing its true colour.  (have a look at my last post  if you want to see the difference)

Huge Cable Blanket

I’ve finished another hexagonal sewing box but not just any old sewing box because this one has been my model for the tutorial I’m thinking of producing.

HexagonBoxToadstools (3)

I thought these lovely bright colours would show up well in the gazillions of photos I’ve taken of each cutty, sticky, teeny stitchy step.

HexagonBoxToadstools (1)

  I love those toadstools and, even though the interior check made my eyes go funny when I was working with it, the good matching cannot be denied.

Hexagonal Box Toadstools

I couldn’t resist a ‘nature’ shot.

So, Kate and Lucie, start girding your loins, saving good bits of card and stocking up on glue because I might be taking you both up on your offers of being tutorial testers for me before too long.

I have stopped procrastinating – well, a bit anyway – and removed the two lengths of  fabric I bought to make trousers for Mlle Tialys the younger from the carrier bags they have languished in since I returned from the U.K. and, whatsmore, I have actually washed them.  I just need to decide now whether to use Sewaholic’s Thurlow pattern

sewaholic thurlow

or this vintage(ish) Burda pattern.

Vintage Burda Pattern

Which one do you think would be better for a ‘generous’ hip and thigh area?

I could have shown you a pup photo again today because I found two Husky dogs in my garden this morning but a friend recently mentioned my blog was getting a bit ‘doggy’.  I know I talk about sewing and knitting and crafting and dogs (nearly said dogging! :o) and other more general things on my blog but, I don’t want to become too much of  a ‘dog botherer’ so I’ll keep that story for another day and show you a picture of my old cockerel instead.  I think he’s about 8 years old.

Cockerel 8 years

He is still staggering around, despite the fact that, when I thought he was on his last legs a couple of months ago I Googled ways of humanely euthanizing him.  I was quite traumatized by the experience. I found various ways of dispatching him including the usual neck wringing, chopping off of head and snipping the throat stuff.  In some methods guns were involved  😮   An ingenious one seemed to be standing him in a sealed container on a tray with bicarbonate of soda beneath whilst trickling vinegar in and lastly, and possibly the most interesting for any curious passers-by,  putting him in another sort of container and taping it up to the exhaust pipe of the car.

Needless to say, he is still with us and I just hope that, when his time comes he will go peacefully in his sleep which is all anybody can really wish for.  Now, I bet you wish I’d shown you the Huskies instead 😉

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Chicken Legs


My cockerel and one of the hens have been suffering from mites which burrow beneath the scales on their legs and cause the scales to drop off.  They look a bit uncomfortable whilst walking around and they have had their legs painted with oil which is meant to suffocate them (the mites not the chickens).  It’s a hell of a job trying to catch them, let alone douse them in oil.  The only hope is to nab them when they first come out of the chicken house in the morning.  Trouble is, once you’ve got one, the others get wise to it and won’t come out.  Who said chickens are stupid?  The cockerel’s legs look  quite sore now, where his legs meet his body but that might be due to the fact that he’s been walking around in the snow with no scales to protect his little skinny chicken legs.  I feel that I ought to put my knitting skills to good use and knit him a little pair of socks but I’m not sure that would do his rep any good amongst his harem!

Although this condition is supposed to be highly contagious,the other 4 hens are showing no signs of it, although they have had it before and the oil treatment seemed to work well with them.  I think it takes almost a year for the scales to grow back properly.



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Cockerel Trouble

We have a cockerel and 5 hens.  The only reason we have a cockerel (and one of the hens) was because all 4 of the original hens went broody and my husband had the ‘good’ idea of giving them fertile eggs to sit on.  Two hatched and one was a cockerel although, of course, we didn’t know that at first. 

He has been fine until recently when he suddenly took against one of the hens and nearly killed her.  Blood everywhere!  We managed to separate them but every time we let them out at the same time, he goes for her again.  They have a huge garden to wander around in so it’s certainly not overcrowding that’s the problem.

This has led me to a ‘Poultry Keepers Forum’ where I had to ask for advice – I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be on a poultry forum but, there you go.  Some advice given but most of it we had already tried.  So, this weekend, when my husband gets home, I’m going to ask him to make another chicken house and then I’m going to separate them into two flocks.  He won’t be pleased. 

‘Why not do away with him?’   I hear you ask.  Because I’m a fool and we gave him a name and he’s handsome and I like hearing the cockcrow in the morning.

The Villain

The Villain

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