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Hexagonal Sewing Box

I have decided that these sewing boxes are my favourite thing to make at the moment.

I have fun choosing the fabrics and seeing it all come together.  They take ages as I hand cut all the card from scratch and then there is a great, messy time when I have a bit of a glue fest.  Then there is quite a bit of tiny stitching to be done before I can play about with the camera.  They probably take between 4 and 5 hours to make (not counting drying time) so it’s definitely a bit of a labour of love.

Hexagonal Sewing Box

Hexagonal Sewing Box

I rummage (what a lovely word) for little bits and pieces to dress the photograph and often go to the junk shops in France to forage for vintage thread cards and buttons.A Peek Inside the Box

I’ve had my own one in daily use for about 9 years now – and I’m not gentle with it!

The next time I make a box I’m going to lay out all the stuff that goes into it and photograph it before and after – probably frighten myself.

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