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Staying Up Late

Loving this fabric! I cut out one of my whimsical owls but , before I got round to sewing him up, thought the text would look great on something larger so felt impelled, at midnight last night, to make a cushion.  As you do.

The reason for my late night industry was because eldest daughter had gone to the cinema in Toulouse (an hour and a half away) and, even though she was staying at a friend’s house, I couldn’t go to sleep until I knew she’d arrived there safely – even though she wasn’t expecting to get there until 1 in the morning.  I managed to knock out a whimsical owl, this cushion and a couple of painting projects whilst worrying.  Perhaps she should go out more often…….


Here’s the finished owl together with a great old French coffee grinder that I can’t decide whether to kep or put in the vintage shop.  Seeing as I make lots of coffee themed stuff, perhaps I should keep it as a prop..



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