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A Lesson in Customer Service

Selling online, as I do occasionally, I always try to be polite and charming when dealing with customers even when they do not return the favour.

Since moving to France, I have found that the customer is not always right but assumed to be at fault or in error until evidence to the contrary is obtained  and,  even then, must be offered not an apology but a roll of the eyes and a gallic shrug.  However,  I stubbornly cling to this basic rule of commerce in my own dealings.

It seems as if not everybody is of the same mind though.  I was doing a little online shopping yesterday and, as usual, I checked out the feedback of the seller before committing myself to a purchase.  They had quite a few positive comments, a few neutrals and some negatives in a proportion that wouldn’t normally put me off buying but, it was their responses to the negative comments that I found to be an interesting way of dealing with customers.  I list a few of the exchanges below but have altered certain details in order to protect both the innocent and the guilty.

1.  Buyer Feedback:   It came 5 days late, was stained and was the wrong colour.

Seller Response:  John Smith is scum.  No communication.

2.  Buyer Feedback:  Shocking ebayer, terrible communications, can’t recommend.

Seller Response:  Anne is a scum.  She is a liar.

3.  Buyer Feedback:  Great item, shame about the customer service

Seller Response:  He was sent a replacement but still moaning – be careful of this one.

4.  Buyer Feedback:  Upsetting experience.  Four items sent were not those ordered and only received a partial refund.  The seller calls buyers ‘scum’.

Seller Response:  D. Cooper is a true scummer.

5.  Buyer Feedback:  Never received the item.  Seller very unhelpful. Can’t recommend.

Seller Response:  Jane Doe is scum.  Made a false claim and conned us for the postage.

and my favourite

6.  Buyer Feedback:  Disappointed with item, nothing like the photograph.

Seller’s Response:  Hayley has an eyesight as well as a mental problem.  

(well, at least she wasn’t ‘scum’ I suppose).

I didn’t buy anything.



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