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Unlike a previous ‘latex’ themed post of mine which featured my dog with her latex, squeaky chicken, you could actually get excited about this one as it features a gorgeous Etsy shop called OohLaLatex which has some stunning little latex numbers and is my ‘Saturday Selection’ this week.

Based in London, this shop even has bags and hats in latex for the more demure!   I only wish I could still get away with wearing stuff like this – although of course, it doesn’t have to be on the outside!  I’m sure Mr. Tialys wouldn’t object.


*sighs*  I wonder if my waist would cinch in this small……….

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More Than Just A Scarf

When keeping warm, there’s no reason not to do it in style.  Today’s Saturday Selection is an incredible creation by Irregular  Expressions.

I knit and have dabbled in crochet but I do need a pattern.  I have always fancied designing my own knitted creations but I’m not sure whether I would have ever come up with something this amazing.  Have a look at some of the other creations in this lovely shop.

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Stunning Stationery

I remember, when I was at school, every time I started a new exercise book  vowing to keep it neat and gorgeous all the way through, to only use my best handwriting and not to doodle boys’ names all over it.  The resolve only ever lasted a couple of days, but the thought was there.

Even though I was at school with Noah, I still get that feeling every time I see fresh, new pages ready to be filled with my valuable, innovative and creative outpourings – at least that’s how I like to think of them – and, as I can’t draw to save my life ,  it helps if they have beautifully and artistically decorated covers.  So, for this week’s Saturday Selection, I have chosen this set of three such books from Raebekah.

Raebekah's Journals

They are very good value too!

Another talented EtsyExpat!  Come and join or see the others here.

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