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Lampshade Project

When my parents were here at Christmas, you may remember that I had to go foraging in brocantes and depot ventes (or junk shops) even more than usual, to see if I could find some clocks that needed fixing in order to keep my dad amused during his visit.  Anyway, on one of those foraging trips I got distracted by a standard lamp – as you do -which I thought might go well in my lounge.

I was very pleased with it when I got it home and it was all in full working order but, although the fabric on the lampshade was very pretty, I felt it looked a bit ‘bedroomy’ for a lounge so decided to change it.  I had just bought a  book called ‘Liberty Book of Home Sewing’ which features their fabrics and some projects to make with them – Liberty Porn, as I call it.  As luck would have it, one of the projects is for recovering a lampshade.   Much as I love their florals, I wanted something a bit different and it had to have red in it as my lounge has a bit of a red theme going on so I found some vintage Liberty fabric online which seemed just right.   The project is a bit scary as it involves tearing – yes, tearing! – the fabric into strips from selvedge to selvedge and I found that a bit nerve wracking but I had faith and it worked fine.

So now I have a cool standard lamp with a Liberty vintage design shade and a feeling of unbearable smugness and all for around 40 euros.

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