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Forward Planning

The weather wasn’t particularly great this summer but it is certainly making up for it now. 

 However, it won’t be that long before the home fires are burning again so it was time to get the logs delivered and then, in 32 degrees, stack them all up in the garage.

My dad was visiting and got roped in as a labourer – well, he’s only 82.  Mind you, the man who delivers them every year is 84.  Must be the mountain air.

Stan thought he’d help out too


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Sunny Days

I’ve been a bit quiet lately haven’t I?  No reason really, just lots of little things going on and stuff to do.

Anyway, Stanley Socks the foundling pup has been acquainting himself with the pool and is, literally, teetering on the edge of going in but, fortunately for the filter, has decided to remain poolside and try to catch all the water splashed at him.

I hope you are having a sunny weekend whever you are.



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Anthropomorphism in Art

I’m glad I’m writing that word and not saying it – it’s one of those words it’s a bit hard to get your tongue round even before you’ve had a glass of wine.

Anyway, I just came across this shop on Etsy called frighten run by photographer and artist Mari Lowery and thought I’d feature a couple of  her mixed media images as my ‘Saturday Selection’ today.

I like them because they avoid being twee or cute and actually verge on the nightmarish and odd which I mean in a good way.

Who knew that there is actually a team called Anthropormorphic on Etsy, of which Mari is the captain.  Great fun!

I find dolls really scary so I haven’t used any of her images where she’s used them rather than animals but take a look!×10-fine-art-print

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Puppy Love

I don’t know if  it’s because I will have been married for 20 years next month but this is the most adoring look I’ve had directed at me in a long while. 

Not an intelligent look but I'll settle for 'adoring'.

Not an intelligent look but I'll settle for the adoration.

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