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Too Hot?

The U.K. is having a heatwave and, this time, it seems to be lasting longer than two days.

It’s hot here in my part of France too and in lots of places around the world so I thought I’d give you some alternative tips on keeping cool.

Try not to get angry if ‘somebody’ gets hold of your handmade leather tool roll and decides to re-shape it to their own design.

She was just a bit bored as everybody is too hot to play ball with her.

Let older and wiser ones teach you about the best places to keep cool – even if it means blocking the kitchen doorway.

Don’t bother with the weeding – you wouldn’t want to disturb those wild sweet peas would you?

Try to keep away from anything woolly even, or especially,  if wearing shorts –  it sticks to hot, bare skin :/

Take a dip if you can.  I should follow my own advice but the water has to be almost bath temperature before I venture in.

Don’t stress about it if you’re having a bad ear hair day.

Don’t bother cooking – let somebody else get hot and sweaty in the kitchen and admire their handiwork.  (BTW this was the most divine buffalo mozzarella I’ve ever tasted).

Don’t panic when it appears your husband might actually have become more dog than human based on his choice of starter.

Stay inside in the shuttered gloom and help write a blog post.

Don’t bother to do any housework  – although I would put that in a list of tips for almost anything.

Stay chilled and, of course, you already know to drink plenty of water and all that other much more sensible advice out there.


p.s. I’ve just realised there is a free game to play on this blog post called ‘Spot the Hidden Question Mark’.  There are absolutely no prizes at all.






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Missing You Already

Dogs’ lives are too short.  Their only fault, really.  ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull


5th February 1999 – 11th September 2011 

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Snow! Bah humbug.

Blooming snow! I had to take my mum back to the airport on Thursday, which is a 3 hour return trip and it was snowing all morning so I was stressed about the drive.  In the event, it was O.K., but still!

  Mr. Tialys has decided not to come back from the U.K. this weekend as the snow is worse there so he is going to work through and fly back Tuesday night – hopefully! That way, once he reaches home, he knows he’ll be able to stay put until after Christmas.

On the plus side, it looked like a winter wonderland here this morning and the dogs love walking in it  so I balanced precariously on the side of our mountainous garden and tried not to drop the camera.

I’m off to put another log on the fire and mull some wine – well, I might wait until this evening for the wine bit……

I hope you are warm and safe wherever you are!

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Dog Vogue

My Saturday Selection this week is the ‘Westerly Trench’  from Rover Dog   If you don’t fancy dressing your chihuahua in a pink tutu or your pug in a diamante tiara and favour a more classic style , have a look at their different slant on dog fashion. 


‘The Westerly Trench’ by Rover Dog

If there were magazines for dog clothes (which, for all I know, there may well be) the glitzy outfits would be in the  teen mags and  Rover Dog’s clothes would be in the equivalent of Vogue – would that be Dogue?

Stunning photography too!

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Dog Painting – Is There An Upside?

Apparently, there is a craze in China for painting or dyeing dogs to look like wild animals. 

Golden Retriever as a Tiger

A bizarre spectale, but the wealthy middle classes in China  have, apparently, taken dogs and cats to their hearts and spending on pets has increased by 500% in the last decade.    There is now pressure, from these people,  to remove dogs and cats from the menus so maybe a little bit of paint or dye in your eye is preferable to ending up as a meal.


Chow Chow as Pandas

I wonder whether the craze will catch on elsewhere.  I suppose it’s only a short step from dressing up chihuahuas in hooded t-shirts and I knew a hairdresser once who used to put red streaks in her dog’s hair so, who knows? 

Anyway, I was way ahead of the trend and once did my golden retriever  up as an orangutan –

Golden Retriever as Orangutan

Only joking about the last one – she came back from a lone walk  looking like this and I have no idea what she had rolled in to achieve the fetching red tint.

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